2 New MG Cars This Year: the MG Compact EV and the Gloster Facelift

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With two planned debuts in 2024—the redesigned Gloster and a new entry-level SUV—MG Motor India is set for excitement.

 MG Cars: With two highly anticipated new MG cars debuts coming up this year, MG Motor India is ready for an exciting ride. A redesign is planned for the formidable MG Gloster, which should result in a more dominating presence and cutting-edge features. Concurrently, MG Cars is developing an unidentified electric vehicle (EV) for the Indian market, creating anticipation for an exciting driving experience.

Let’s examine the specifics of the highly anticipated Gloster redesign and the next electric vehicle (EV) that MG plans to provide.

1. MG Gloster Facelift

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A midlife makeover is on the horizon for the commanding MG Gloster. The updated model, which is anticipated to debut by the end of 2024, will have improved functionality and a bolder appearance. A more angular snout with a bigger, squarish grille is visible in spy photos. The grille will have several square pieces for a contemporary touch, and the headlamps will probably have a split design reminiscent of the MG Hector.

The new Gloster will keep its body covering, embodying its spirit of adventure, and some versions will have a tough matte black finish. Subtle changes to the back will include a new bumper and redesigned taillamps. The potent 2.0-litre turbo-diesel engine, which offers excellent off-road and on-road performance, will stay the same and come in 4×2 and 4×4 versions.

2. New Compact EV

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Recently, MG Cars announced that a brand-new EV will be introduced in India during the holiday season. Though specifics are yet unknown, rumours indicate that it might be a rebadged Baojun Yep SUV. At least in the Chinese market, this little electric SUV with a lovely look and an appealing price tag is perfect for city commutes.

The Yep is ideal for manoeuvring through congested city streets because it is only 3.4 metres long, 1.7 metres tall, and has a 2.1-meter wheelbase. Its peculiar LED headlamps, which are evocative of the Jimny, and its boxy silhouette—which draws inspiration from the Land Rover Defender—create a distinctive look. The worldwide model offers versatility for a range of purposes and is available in three- and five-door variants.

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The Yep’s base model has a powerful electric motor located at the back that produces 140 Nm of torque and 102 horsepower. With a driving range of over 303 kilometres on a single charge, it’s ideal for commuting in style. As a direct competitor of the Tata Punch EV, we anticipate that it will be priced marginally higher than the Comet EV.

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