2024 Ford truck inventory dwindles as F-150 Lightning stockpiles grow

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Ford halted production of the 2024 Ford truck F-150 Lightning electric truck at the beginning of this month because of a backlog of hundreds or maybe thousands of Ford cars that were building up in Detroit holding lots.

2024 Ford truck F-150 Lightning shipments

Due to an unidentified quality problem, production of all 2024 Ford truck Lightning variants has been suspended. Delivery of the gas-powered 2024 F-150 began up again last week, even though hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles were parked in Detroit yards.

Automotive News was informed by a Ford representative that the manufacturer ceased shipping Lightning on February 9. When the stop-ship will be cleared is not stated.

According to Ford spokesperson Emma Bergg, “MY24 Lightnings started shipping last month,” according to Electrek. Bergg continued, “As we finish extensive launch quality checks to ensure these new F-150s meet our high standards and delight customers, we expect to ramp up shipments in the coming weeks.”

Berg did verify to Electrek that Ford will “ramp shipments once quality checks are completed” and that the Lightning stop-ship began on February 9. The spokesman pointed out that stop ships are used in the production process to guarantee quality.

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Even though deliveries are still anticipated in Ford’s “early 2024 Ford truck” window, several trucks have been accumulating on lots since December. An eight-week delay has already occurred for a commercial customer’s order of about 100 trucks.

A different Ford representative said that F-150s are accumulating in lots throughout Detroit and that when they are sent to dealers, they will begin to empty.

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The problem did not impact F-150 Lightning vehicles before or following the temporary closure that occurred last month, according to the carmaker.

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Quality, according to CEO Jim Farley, was the company’s main objective on the Q4 earnings call.  “Quality now factors into 70% of the short-term incentives” for Ford’s management, according to Farley.

The announcement follows Ford’s last-week introduction of substantial additional incentives for the 2023 F-150 Lightning. The XLT, Pro, and 2023 F-150 Lightning Lariat trims from Ford are qualified for a $7,500 retail credit.

2024 Ford truck F-150 Lightning trimPriceRange(EPA-est miles)
Platinum Black$92,995300

Bonus cash of $7,500 is available for the Lightning XLT Extended Range, among other benefits. For both the Lariant Standard and ER versions, a $5,000 retail cash bonus. And for the Platinum trim, a whopping $12,500 in retail bonus cash.

Now is the ideal time to start looking if you’ve been eyeing Ford’s all-electric truck. The manufacturer is getting rid of its 2023 models. We can assist you in locating the ideal model at a competitive price. Deals on the 2023 and 2024 Ford F-150 Lightning can be found at a dealer near you by using our link.

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