Gear Up for Greatness: 2024 Honda Grom Release Date in India & Features Overview

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 2024 Honda Grom Release Date: In India, people have a strong affinity for Honda motorcycles. The 2024 Honda Grom motorcycle, which has both a sleek and powerful design, will shortly be introduced in India by Honda. 

The 2024 Honda Grom is expected to be an extremely capable and stylish motorcycle. The Honda Grom 125 is a very well-liked little bike, with strong demand in the global market. Please provide us the accurate information regarding the 2024 Honda Grom 125 Price and Launch Date in India.

2024 Honda Grom Release Date In India

The Honda Grom motorcycle has not been introduced to the Indian car industry by Honda. Regarding the 2024 Honda Grom Release Date in India, Honda has not yet provided any details about when this motorcycle would be available there. However, some media news reports claim that this car could be introduced in India by 2025. 

2024 Honda Grom Price In India

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About the 2024 Honda Grom  Price This bike has not yet been released in India, and Honda has not provided any details regarding when it will be released either. However, if certain media sources are accurate, this bike may cost anything from ₹80,000 to ₹1 lakh in India.

2024 Honda Grom Specification 

Bike Name2024 Honda Grom 
2024 Honda Grom  Release Date In India 2025 (Expected)
2024 Honda NX400 Price In India₹80 Thousand To ₹1 Lakh(Estimated)
Engine 124.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine
Power 9.65 bhp
Torque 10.5 Nm
Transmission 5 Speed Gearbox
FeaturesLED headlamp and taillight, digital LCD instrument console, front and rear disc brakes, front forks, anti-lock braking system (ABS), sporty design

2024 Honda Grom Engine & Mileage

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Speaking of the Honda Grom 2024 Engine, this bike has a highly potent Honda engine. If we discuss the bike’s engine, we find that it has a 124.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine. This bike has a 9.65 horsepower and 10.5 torque output. In terms of mileage, this bike achieves roughly 55 km/l.  

2024 Honda Grom Design

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When it comes to the Honda Grom 2024 bike’s design, we can observe that it is both incredibly fashionable and appealing. This bike is a little mini bike, and its futuristic-looking design is evident. This bike has an LED headlight, an LED tail light, and a variety of unique color options. 

2024 Honda Grom Features 

When it comes to the characteristics of the 2024 Honda Grom Honda has included several potent elements in this motorcycle. The bike has a lot of features, including a stylish design, disc brakes on the front and back, front forks, an anti-lock braking system (ABS), LED headlights and taillights, and a digital LCD instrument dashboard. 

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