2024 Tesla Car Mandates Full Self-Driving Demonstration

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  • The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, is said to have insisted on showing the company’s Full Self-Driving mode to every prospective client.
  • According to the guideline, Tesla employees in North America must install, activate, and give a brief test ride for the most recent FSD software.
  • Even though the approach may slow down deliveries, Musk reportedly said that it is an absolute requirement.

2024 Tesla Car: All new 2024 Tesla car buyers in North America will have to watch a video showcasing the company’s fully autonomous driving capability. The new directive was purportedly announced by CEO Elon Musk in a recent email to employees that was obtained by Business Insider and posted online.

Musk instructs 2024 Tesla car employees to install and turn on the most recent version of FSD, which does not make the car driverless and still requires the driver to actively pay attention to the road, in his email. FSD, described as a $12,000 option on the consumer site, currently offers “autosteer” on city streets in addition to the driver-assist features that come with Tesla’s baseline Basic Autopilot and the $6000 Enhanced version.

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Musk’s initial directive also mandated that Tesla employees provide a demo to every new customer. However, an additional email purportedly expanded the mandate to include owners whose vehicles are being returned from a service center. Other than the description of the demonstrations as a “short test ride,” no information is available regarding their contents.

Musk penned the following in his first known email: “Almost no one realizes how well (supervised) FSD works.” Although he adds that it’s a strict requirement, he also recognizes that the procedure will slow down the delivery process.

Musk announced yesterday that a free one-month trial will be available to all Tesla cars with Full Self-Driving capability this week on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

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