Fuel-Efficient Powerhouses: 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models at a Glance

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2024 Toyota Rav4 Models: According to Reuters, 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models is still the biggest automaker in the world, having sold 11.2 million cars worldwide in 2023. The brand’s ability to appeal to both mass-market consumers and, more and more in recent years, fanatics have contributed to its ongoing success. It’s not easy to please everyone, but whether you’re looking for a luxurious three-row SUV or an economical hatchback, 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models has a vehicle in its inventory that will work for you.

Furthermore, the company has a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available. While various hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles with competitive EPA ratings are available alongside the Prius, the original hybrid model is still available for purchase. These kinds of automobiles have been produced for many years, so consumers who are looking for a reasonably priced vehicle that is still reliable today don’t have to purchase brand-new ones. Eight excellent choices from prior model years have been compiled by us; they are all definitely worth taking into account in the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models.

2021 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

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A 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models Corolla is a great option for anyone searching for an affordable, dependable, and useful car. Even though it didn’t rank first in its class for driver enjoyment, we felt that the most recent generation model—which we tested in 2021—improved on the fun factor over the previous generation. The Mazda 3 took first place in that category, although the Corolla Hatchback was still faster to accelerate and handle better than earlier Corolla models.

The car’s 2.0L four-cylinder engine produces 168 horsepower, which is a good amount for the class, and those who want something more engaging than a CVT should be happy with the six-speed manual gearbox. For the 2021 model year, the latter gearbox was also offered as an optional extra. With official EPA ratings of 37 mpg highway, 28 mpg city, and 31 mpg combined, both alternatives are equally economical. Our testing revealed that the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models Corolla outperformed those official statistics, even when we threw in the occasional wild drive along the way.

2019 Toyota RAV4

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With good reason, the latest generation of 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models is a bestseller. When it was first reviewed, we called the car “one of the most comfortable compact SUVs for the price-conscious buyer on the market today.” It made its debut for the 2019 model year. We were especially pleased with the interior of the vehicle, which had upholstery that felt more luxurious than that of earlier 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models SUVs while still feeling appropriately sturdy. Another standout feature on all-wheel-drive vehicles was the Multi-Terrain Select system, which offers additional modes to improve the vehicle’s handling in tougher terrain.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, though, the front-wheel drive RAV4 won out. The EPA estimates that drivers should get 34 mpg on the interstate, 26 mpg in the city, and 29 mpg overall. During our testing, we observed nothing that would raise questions about the correctness of those numbers. The 2.5L four-cylinder engine of the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models was available in all trim levels and produced 203 horsepower.

That’s more than enough for daily driving, but we felt a little extra power would have been nice. Nevertheless, the RAV4 has every important feature that consumers will want: It’s affordable, practical, and safe to drive when loved ones are included with the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models standard Safety Sense 2.0 package.

2023 Toyota Prius

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For a long time, the Prius has been one of the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models most divisive vehicles. Some people appreciated the thriftiness of previous generations, while others were critical of them for their uncool appearance and lack of individuality. The all-new 2023 Prius is undoubtedly much more attractive than its predecessor, even though it isn’t any more fun to drive. Although it is sleeker on the outside and inside, it maintains all of the essential features that first contributed to the original’s great sales success.

Although there has been an improvement in both front and back headroom compared to prior models, it is still spacious and functional. Additionally, because of its comparable affordability, purchasers who desire a greener vehicle but cannot afford the extra cost of a BEV can now purchase one. Above all, though, it remains incredibly effective. The EPA rates our tester, a front-wheel drive Prius in the Limited specification, at a constant 52 mpg in all driving conditions. Even if our personal mpg statistics were marginally worse—an average of 46 mpg—that’s still a lot more economical than the majority of other vehicles available.

2023 Toyota Crown

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Depending on the trim you choose, the 2023 Toyota Crown might be a fantastic choice or a small letdown for those who are concerned about fuel economy. The 2.5L four-cylinder hybrid-assisted engine, which is offered with the XLE and Limited trims, is the most economical option. The EPA has given it a rating of 41 mpg in the city, 41 mpg on the highway, and 41 mpg overall. While its 236 horsepower total output is more than sufficient, those seeking a little more power under the hood may prefer the 340 horsepower Hybrid MAX powertrain. The car’s stated combined EPA fuel economy drops to 30 mpg as a result of the increased power, though.

For consumers who want to save fuel, giving up the extra power is therefore their only practical choice. Fortunately, the Crown’s remarkable exterior style, ergonomic interior, and top-notch standard safety technology are available in every trim level. Notably, the interior is not as distinctive as some purchasers might assume based only on the outside. If the car’s appearance weren’t so peculiar overall, the relatively ordinary 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models inside would not be a terrible thing. If you can look past it, though, the Crown presents a strong rival to the plethora of generic crossovers available.

2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime

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Customers who would rather blend in than stand out should ignore the Crown and instead choose one of Toyota’s other hybrid vehicles, such as the RAV4 Prime from 2021. Similar to the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models which runs solely on petrol, the Prime has a well-thought-out cabin, tonnes of standard safety technology, and tough looks. On the other hand, a 2.5L four-cylinder petrol engine provides power for longer trips. At the same time, Prime’s PHEV powertrain adds the capability of traveling up to 42 miles on electric power alone.

The 302 horsepower total power output of the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models more than makes up for the weight gain caused by the battery, however, we felt the weight gain was more pronounced in the bends. With an EPA rating of 38 mpg without electrical aid or 94 mpg in hybrid mode, it more than makes up for what it lacks in driving dynamics. The automobile is equipped with a Level 1 charger as standard, which needs 12 hours to fully charge after being drained. Using a Level 2 charger is a quicker solution, but at 4.5 hours for charging, it’s still not what most people would call quick.

2019 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

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Although the Avalon sedan is no longer offered as a new vehicle (the Crown has essentially taken its place in the lineup), it is still a strong-used option for those seeking a cozy cruiser. The 2019 Avalon model year was highly commended in our review for its upgraded infotainment system, redesigned exterior, and plush inside. The Avalon’s cabin is more welcoming than in past generations, especially in top-spec trim, thanks to the leather upholstery and wood trim. Our tester’s 1,200-watt optional stereo system was another highlight.

Although a 3.5L V6 option was offered, the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models Avalon Hybrid is by far the greatest choice for those who want to minimize their trips to the petrol station. With its comfortable driving qualities, the car’s 215 horsepower from its 2.5L four-cylinder engine is more than sufficient. The Avalon Hybrid is rated by the EPA at 43 mpg overall, which is better than most cars in its class but not quite as good as a Prius.

2023 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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The 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models Highlander Hybrid is a well-liked SUV for families that purchasers won’t find surprising. That’s not a bad thing, either, since the Highlander Hybrid AWD maintains its reputation as a sensible, roomy, and economical vehicle, earning 35 mpg in all three of the EPA’s driving categories. That’s a lot more fuel-efficient than the majority of other three-row SUVs, even though we believed the official estimates were a little high. Throughout the route, which included both highway and city driving, our reviewer saw an average of 29 mpg.

While less expensive models lack the same level of luxury, we felt that the 2024 Toyota Rav4 Models Highlander Hybrid’s interior in its most expensive trims had more than a touch of Lexus design. But throughout the entire range, Safety Sense 2.5+ technologies like adaptive cruise control, pedestrian recognition, and lane-keeping assistance are the same. There is ample space for the first and second rows in this competitively-sized cabin. Although the third row is not as remarkable as the other two, when the back seats are folded down, the cargo capacity is among the finest in the class.

2021 Toyota Sienna

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Although they aren’t as common as they once were, minivans nevertheless provide a useful and roomy option for consumers who aren’t convinced about the benefits of owning an SUV. The variety of vehicles available has decreased along with the market’s need for minivans. With its most recent significant redesign for the 2021 model year, the Toyota Sienna is among the few models still available. The newest model of the minivan is only available with a hybrid drivetrain, which consists of a 2.5L four-cylinder engine paired with one or two electric motors. The latter is only available on all-wheel drive vehicles, which have a combined power output of 245 horsepower.

Although the 2021 Sienna has a redesigned exterior and new inside technology, it still has a lot of the same attractiveness as the previous generation. With lots of storage and optional additions like an integrated refrigerator, it is incredibly functional. It’s also exactly as efficient as consumers would anticipate. The Sienna Hybrid gets 36 mpg on the interstate, 35 mpg in the city, and 35 mpg overall, according to EPA estimates. Our test vehicle recorded a combined 33 mpg on our mixed route, coming in just a few mpg short of the advertised mileage.

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