Electric Excellence: Hyundai 2025 Tucson PHEV

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Hyundai 2025 Tucson: The 2025 Tucson SUV was just introduced by Hyundai 2025 Tucson at the New York International Auto Show. There were several trim levels revealed, one of which was a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicle. A significant improvement to the 2025 PHEV model is the upgraded electric motor, which now produces 72.0 kW of power instead of 66.9 kW. However, that isn’t the primary cause for our excitement.

The Hyundai 2025 Tucson infotainment system and dash controls have been completely redesigned. Most notably, the HVAC and music volume have real buttons and knobs. Additionally, there are controls for switching between media and tracks. The center console also has additional physical drivetrain switches where you may change drive modes and other settings.

One of the main grievances with the prior model is addressed by these modifications: Rewinding to the 2022 Tucson, the controls and infotainment system were housed on a large, monolithic touchscreen. The infotainment screen is now separated from the actual controls underneath by ventilation fans. In our review of the 2024 Hyundai Tucson, SlashGear pointed out that the touchscreen controls on the earlier models lacked roughness, making it difficult to tap them without taking your eyes off the road. Now that there are physical buttons, changing settings without looking may be simpler.

Other interior upgrades

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The displays on the Hyundai 2025 Tucson were also enhanced. The infotainment display and instrument cluster measures 12.3 inches, which is a substantial increase over the 10.25-inch displays found in the 2024 model. Additionally, a 12-inch color head-up display is offered.

A few features were rearranged and replaced with the new model. In the center console, the NFC wireless charger is now located to the left of the cupholder. A USB-C data and charging connector with a 27-watt power output has been added to the front console. Additionally, there are USB-C charging connections for the backseat passengers.

Now, the 2025 Tucson has over-the-air (OTA) updates for its safety, multimedia, engine, and mapping systems. Notably, the new 2025 model comes with Apple CarPlay and Wireless Android Auto as standard features, in addition to the proximity entry key.

The Forward Attention Warning (FAW), which is now present in the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe, is a newly introduced feature. This safety function tracks the driver’s eyes using an infrared camera and alerts them if they are not paying attention. If the driver becomes unresponsive, the infrared camera can indicate for the car to stop using the optional Alert Cruise Control 2. Another recently released technology that eliminates the need for the smart key and can provide an additional degree of protection is a fingerprint sensor.

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