When will an inexpensive electric vehicle (EV) using a Volkswagen car battery reach India?

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Volkswagen car battery: Volkswagen car battery is a brand that is growing in the nation. Even with the modest growth, it still views India as a critical component of its future growth. The company just unveiled its ID 2all concept to the world. Will the brand’s most cheap EV, the ID 2all, be available in India? This post will discuss Volkswagen ID 2all India.  

Dimensions & Design

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The ID 2all concept has an elegant appearance. Volkswagen car battery has made an effort to blend this concept with the styling of its contemporary ICE vehicles, such as the Polo and Golf. There are no significant folds or cuts on the side profile. The VW logo is positioned in the center of a connected taillamp arrangement on the back. Talking about the size, the ID 2all is 4,050mm long, somewhat longer than the Polo marketed outside India. With a 2600mm wheelbase, it will have a spacious interior. 

Volkswagen ID 2all India – Specifications

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A 223-bhp front-wheel-drive powertrain will be included with the ID 2all. How about the possibilities for batteries? There are two battery backup options available for the concept: 38kWh and 56kWh. The business hasn’t disclosed the range of the smaller battery pack, but the 56kWh is supposed to have a 450km range. According to the company, the 56kWh battery pack can be charged from 0% to 80% capacity in around 20 minutes. With a maximum speed of 159 mph, the ID 2all can complete a sprint from 0 to 100 mph in less than 7 seconds.

Interior and features

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The ID 2all’s interior will have plenty of room because of its extended wheelbase. The brand’s overall goal is to give the EV an interior that is straightforward and uncomplicated. The 12.9-inch infotainment system will be the lone interior distraction. Volkswagen is also planning to replace the ID 2all’s volume knobs with traditional ones. Additional amenities include a panoramic sunroof, an AR-supporting heads-up display, a 10.9-inch digital instrument cluster, and a few ADAS functions. 

Volkswagen ID 2all India – Launch timeline

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According to the Volkswagen car battery, the ID 2all will be on display in 2025, the same year that the EV goes into production in Spain. The ID 2all is intended to be priced by the brand below €25,000 or about Rs 22 lakh INR. What about the launch in India? Although VW hasn’t said anything about it, we hope that it will eventually introduce the ID 2 to India.  

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