Experience Innovation: TVS X Launches Exciting New Model in India

TVS X:We had a quick chance to test drive TVS’s ground-breaking TVS X EV at its test track in Hosur a few months after the company unveiled it in Dubai, and there’s plenty to discuss. Because of the motorcycle-like frame that prevents you from having a traditional floorboard, TVS refers to the X as a crossover. However, since it rides more like a scooter and has 12-inch wheels, we’ll continue to refer to it as such. 

TVS X Design, Quality

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In any case, there are so many details to look at that you simply cannot stop staring at this machine. It looks amazing, in my opinion, and it’s amazing how similar it is to the wild and adored Creon concept from 2018. The X is sure to turn heads with its aggressively contoured rear section, slim headlamp, and exposed aluminium chassis and subframe. 

There are many exquisite close-up details to appreciate as well; none of them are taken from other products; instead, each one is exclusive to this machine. You’ll find yourself ogling the alloy wheels, the cleverly folding pillion footpegs, the nicely detailed adjustable hand levers, and the stalk-mounted mirrors. Making the X feel like a unique, pricey machine is a major focus, and it is definitely desirable in this regard. 

TVS X Riding experience

However, TVS X wants you to do much more with the X than just gaze at it from its stylish side stand made of alloy. In contrast to a motorcycle, this chassis is built around a battery pack that is rather large but standard, with an installed capacity of 4.4kWh (3.8kWh usable). The first internal motor at TVS, with a nominal power of 7kW and a peak output of 11kW, is located behind the pack. Once more, impressive figures, but nothing that cannot be found elsewhere in the Indian EV market.

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We had a very brief time to ride and while our four laps around TVS’ test track at Hosur revealed little about how the X will feel in city traffic, we now know where the performance boundaries lie. Acceleration from a standstill in the highest of the three riding modes feels strong, but memory suggests that an Ather launches off the line with more aggression in Warp mode. The X surges to about 80kph with ease, after which performance begins to plateau and it then slowly builds up to an indicated top speed of just over 100kph.

At low speeds, there is a slight delay and subsequent jerk when opening the accelerator, but overall, the accelerator response feels nice and smooth. TVS claims they can adjust the chain tension to alleviate this issue, which stems from the sealed (maintenance free) silent chain that the X uses for the final drive system rather than a belt drive. 

TVS X Range, Charging

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Both the range and the overall performance experience are good, but neither one is revolutionary. We’ll need to thoroughly test the scooter to determine whether TVS’s claimed IDC range of 140 km actually translates to practical use. The chargers on the X are particularly noteworthy. A 3kW fixed fast charger that can be installed in your home is an alternative to the standard 950 watt portable charger. With the standard charger, the company promises an 0-80% charge time of 4.5 hours, and with the fast charger, 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

TVS X Features, Connectivity

​It will have to write a separate review to cover everything, but this is by far the most technologically advanced EV I have ever seen. Beyond the slender, sensitive cornering lights, the large 10.25-inch tilt-adjustable TFT display and its compatibility with both your smartwatch and smartphone are the main talking points.

There is an almost overwhelming amount of functionality built into the OS, which is entirely proprietary to TVS. This surpasses the features that are now standard on many EVs, such as hill hold, cruise control, geofencing, location sharing, crash alerts, and more.

Like the Ola, for instance, you can start this scooter with an NFC key card, your phone, or a pin instead of a physical key. Similar to the Ola, the X also features an integrated speaker, but it goes one step further by enabling you to browse videos and even the internet. Though you can do so while stopped at a signal, this is not enabled while moving, and I’m not sure that this is a

However, there are also some incredibly well-designed features and display widgets that allow you to see your ETA, real-time traffic updates, and even the predicted weather while commuting. The integrated 4G e-sim generates both the real-time traffic data and the map data, which is provided by Here Technologies. Nevertheless, your smartphone’s hotspot will be used to deliver the reels, videos, and music data. TVS has not yet determined the duration of the free trial period for these linked services or the cost of its data plans.

TVS X Issues

The amazing features of the TVS X will take some getting used to, but there are some drawbacks to the scooter. We observed that certain elements, such as the power button and warning lights, responded slowly and inconsistently, and that the screen response could be a little more fluid. 

The larger problem was that on a number of scooters, the motor would abruptly stop working while they were moving and had to be restarted by pressing the power and brake buttons. If it occurs in the middle of the corner, it could be a bad experience. TVS thinks the reason might be that the scooters were repeatedly subjected to fast charging and then hard riding during the media ride event. Since the iQube has a Bosch setup, this is the first time the company is creating an EV powertrain of its own. However, the company claims that it shouldn’t be occurring and that it will be fixed before the December delivery start date. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it when we take the scooter for our

TVS X Verdict

Given its price, the TVS X has the potential to be an extremely distinctive, appealing, and desirable EV. This is far more expensive than any other Indian EV scooter at Rs 2.50 lakh, and since the X does not qualify for the FAME 2 subsidy, you will also need to pay an additional Rs 16,250 for the charger, which is not included in the package. The fast charger’s price has not yet been made public. 

When you dissect it into its most expensive components, the cost becomes more clear. It becomes more difficult to understand, though, when one compares the range and performance metrics with those of other high-end EVs. ​ The way the X performs in India will reveal fascinating details about the priorities and spending ranges of the premium, younger clientele.

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