Iconic Innovation: Inside Harley-Davidson 2024 Enthusiast Collections

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Harley-Davidson 2024: The newest pieces in Harley-Davidson’s limited-edition Harley-Davidson Icons Motorcycle Collection and limited-edition Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection were unveiled today. They include high-end factory-direct bespoke paint and graphic treatments, as well as paint application technology. Both collections are currently available at authorized Harley-Davidson dealers and will be on exhibit from March 2–9 at Daytona International Speedway’s Harley-Davidson Event exhibit Area during Daytona Bike Week.

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Harley-Davidson 2024 Icons Motorcycle Collection: Hydra-Glide Revival Model

The fourth model in the Harley-Davidson 2024 Icons Motorcycle Collection, the 2024 Hydra-Glide Revival, honors the 75th anniversary of the Hydra-Glide telescopic front suspension for the Harley-Davidson 2024 E and F models’ 1949 launch.

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Many Americans found riding a smooth-riding Harley-Davidson 2024 FL motorcycle on the newly constructed Interstate highway network to be an exhilarating way to travel the nation when Hydra-Glide-equipped models were launched. On a bike influenced by this iconic era, owners of a 2024 Hydra-Glide Revival model may forge their path to freedom and adventure while still enjoying all the conveniences and comforts of a contemporary Harley-Davidson 2024 motorbike.

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The Icons Motorbike Collection is an annual program for the restricted release of a new model that presents a modern take on a historic Harley-Davidson 2024 motorbike. A limited edition, each model is made just once and has a unique number. The Hydra-Glide Revival model will not be produced in more than 1750 units worldwide.

Exclusive Styling Features

The 1956 models’ Birch White panel on the sides of the fuel tank and special Redline Red paint finish the Hydra-Glide Revival model. Details include script badges reading “Hydra-Glide” that are situated on the front fender skirt and chrome “Harley-Davidson2024 V” tank badges that are modeled after 1955–1956 tank badges. This limited-edition model is identified by the Icons Motorcycle Collection design on the rear fender and the serialized “Hydra-Glide Revival” inlay on the handlebar riser cap.

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Additional stylistic elements include instrument graphics modeled by the speedometer from 1954–1955. The detachable windscreen is a two-tone design with a color-matched lower portion in Redline Red, measuring 21 inches (53.3 cm) high. The retro appearance is enhanced by chrome steel-laced wheels and a circular air filter cover. Brilliant chrome finishes the exhaust, powertrain, fork covers, engine guard, and front and rear fender trim.

A chrome rail, red contrast stitching, white seam piping, and a fringed and adorned leather valance give a solo saddle a vintage appearance. A concho and studs adorn a matching black leather tank strap. Saddlebags made of leather and vinyl are adorned with red contrast stitching, white seam piping, leather fringe, chrome studs, and chrome conchos with acrylic red centers. Season after season, the saddlebags will maintain their shape thanks to their firm liner, keyless locks, and water resistance.

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Nostalgic Look, Modern Performance

The Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine, which is counterbalanced and equipped with a Screamin’ Eagle High-Flow air filter, provides the bike with powerful power. This engine takes all relevant Harley-Davidson 2024 Screamin’ Eagle Stage Upgrade kits for the performance-focused rider.

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Under the seat, the Softail chassis conceals an adjustable mono-shock rear suspension system that allows for comfortable riding and dynamic handling while maintaining a traditional hardtail silhouette. For comfort during lengthy drives, electronic cruise control maintains a constant pace. Excellent forward illumination is provided by the LED headlamp and auxiliary lamps. In a range of riding circumstances, the standard Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) provides confident control.

Tobacco Fade Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection

Harley riders’ souls are stirred by the combination of the syncopated rhythm of a V-Twin engine and the beat of rock ‘n roll. Whether it’s live music at a motorcycle rally, the live stage at the Harley-Davidson 2024 Homecoming Festival, or the local bar, the 2024 Tobacco Fade Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection honors the outpouring of communal spirit that occurs. This is a unique motorcycle for any music lover thanks to the Tobacco Fade paint job and graphics scheme, which are modeled after the vintage sunburst wood finish first seen on rock and roll guitars, basses, and drums of the 1960s.

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Models from the Enthusiast Motorcycle Collection honor and draw inspiration from Harley-Davidson 2024 riders’ lives and legacies. Limited edition to just 2000 units for each model, this Harley-Davidson motorbike collection features three carefully chosen motorcycle models.

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Harley-Davidson 2024 applies the Tobacco Fade paint treatment using cutting-edge precision paint tools to achieve faded panel detailing. The tone of the metallic gold panel floating just beyond the sunburst fade is accentuated with a deep caramel-colored pinstripe. The design on the front fender, which resembles a guitar pick and was influenced by a rock band and instrument emblems, speaks directly to the intricacies in the fuel tank medallion, which is modeled after the form and grooves of a vinyl record.

Tobacco Fade Enthusiast Collection

Low Rider ST Model

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Put your bedroll down and hurry to the border. For riders who enjoy the incredible performance of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin motor and a clean, lean, West Coast styling, Harley-Davidson offers the Low Rider ST model, an American V-Twin sport-tourer. These bikers are connected by the Low Rider ST model’s unadulterated Harley-Davidson attitude. The mechanical characteristics of the 2024 Low Rider ST variant are the same.

Ultra Limited Model

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Take advantage of long-distance touring motorcycles’ superior touring performance without sacrificing anything. Ultimate comfort for both the rider and the passenger, Tour-Pak® luggage carrier, 4-speaker audio, and a classic batwing fairing style. The mechanical characteristics of the 2024 Ultra Limited variant are the same.

Tri Glide Ultra

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A long-distance touring trike with all the power, flair, first-rate entertainment, and cargo capacity three wheels can accommodate that challenges you to go the distance. The pinnacle of comfort for two people, perfect for travelers who never stop. The mechanical characteristics of the 2024 Tri Glide Ultra model are the same.

Special Styling Features on Each Model

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  • Tobacco Fade premium paint
  • Record-inspired fuel-tank medallion unique to this scheme
  • Stylized guitar pick graphic on front fender
  • branded emblem from the Enthusiast Collection over the Tour-Pak luggage carrier or rear fender

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