Take Your Workout to the Next Level with the Hero Xoom: A Sporty Review

Hero Xoom: Hero’s latest offering in the wildly popular 110cc scooter market is the new Xoom. Although the manufacturer already offers the Pleasure+ and Maestro Edge 110 in this market, the Xoom is a sportier scooter aimed at younger consumers. 

Hero Xoom: design and features

 Hero Xoom
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There are numerous creases and cuts throughout, giving it a very modern look. A sizable LED projector headlamp with Hero’s recognisable H-shaped LED Daytime Running Lamp is located up front. Up top, there’s a small flyscreen and the halogen indicators are integrated into the handlebar cowl.

The Hero Xoom features an angular design element that resembles a faux air vent along the sides, where other scooters in this segment typically have a simple, rounded off body panel. It also looks good that the rear grab handle is flush with the bodywork. In keeping with the headlight theme, it also has an H-shaped LED tail lamp. Not only did the design team at Hero produce one of the best Hero designs in a long time, but it’s also one of the most attractive 110cc scooters on the market.

The Xoom is also incredibly well-equipped, with the top-of-the-line ZX model that we tested receiving all the bells and whistles. Hero has added a feature that is unique to the segment to the Xoom: cornering lights, in addition to the LED headlamp and taillight. Using an accelerometer and gyroscope, this feature illuminates a small LED lamp in the fairing in the direction that you’re turning, based on the lean angle. Although the feature performed flawlessly in the demo we saw, we’ll have to wait and see how useful it is in the actual world. Additional features of the Xoom include alloy wheels, Bluetooth connectivity, a digital instrument cluster, and a USB charging port, though the location of the port is

Hero has included an external fuel filler and a multifunction key slot, which is a rather important convenience that the Xoom lacks despite having all these features. It’s a bit of an inconvenience from the past that you have to remove the key, open the boot, and then fill up with fuel in order to fill up.

Hero Xoom: ergonomics, storage and build quality

Most riders find the overall ergonomics of the Hero Xoom to be comfortable. The floorboard is flat, you are sitting upright, you can easily reach the handlebars, and you have plenty of room to spread your feet. The cushioning and support of the seat are also excellent. But when you make lock-to-lock turns, the handlebar will catch your knee if you are taller than 5 feet 10 inches. It’s only a minor problem though, and you can fix it by bending your knee to make room while turning.

 Hero Xoom
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You’re covered for storage capacity with the Hero Xoom. There are two spacious pockets in the front apron that can accommodate one-liter bottles, 19.2 litres of under seat storage, and a hook to keep your grocery bags safe while you’re on the go.

Although this scooter’s build quality is generally good, there is still space for improvement in a few areas. Mirrors and switchgear, for example, could be made of better-feeling materials.

Hero Xoom: engine and fuel efficiency

An air-cooled, single-cylinder, 110cc engine with 8.15 horsepower and 8.70 Nm powers the Xoom. Hero has tuned this engine especially for the Xoom, though it is still used in its other 110cc models. Although it isn’t particularly fast, this scooter feels fairly linear and energetic when riding. However, you do notice some slight business at lower speeds, so engine refinement is a mixed bag. But once you get over the 50–60 kph barrier, it becomes really smooth.

 Hero Xoom
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Hero says the Xoom is one of the most fuel-efficient scooters in the class because it has the company’s i3S auto start/stop system, though we haven’t tested this out ourselves. This fuel-saving technology saves petrol by turning on the engine when you twist the throttle and apply the brake lever. Although it is a pleasant addition, this system isn’t as easy to use as some competitors. It takes a good few seconds to cut off, and it seems a little odd to have to depress the brake before using the throttle to start it.

Hero Xoom: ride, handling and braking

The Xoom leaves an impression with its handling and ride quality as well. The 12-inch wheels on either end of this scooter aid in stabilising it when navigating corners. We didn’t carve many serious turns, but the Xoom handled moderate bends with enough predictability and security. Hero claims that the Xoom’s new frame is made especially for 12-inch wheels on both ends, setting it apart from its other 110cc models.

 Hero Xoom
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Additionally, the ride was expertly calibrated, adjusting to jolts and expansion joints with ease. We did, however, only ride the scooter on the smooth roads of Delhi-NCR, so we’ll have to wait and see how it handles the uneven streets of Mumbai.

This top-spec ZX variant has drum brakes in the back and disc brakes up front. There is good feedback and good braking performance.

Hero Xoom: verdict

The Hero Xoom seems to be a complete package. ​ The Hero Xoom range, which starts at Rs 68,599, is priced similarly to the Honda Dio, its primary competitor. Although the ZX trim of the Xoom costs approximately Rs 4,000 more than the Dio at Rs 76,699, it is also significantly more equipped.

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