Honda Activa Electric: Is it a viable alternative to the Activa?

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Honda Activa Electric: Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) is engaged in several electric vehicle-related projects. For India, electric scooters are the primary focus. While electric scooters are a lifestyle product in other regions, such as Japan, producing EVs for India would present unique challenges for Honda.

 The cost factor comes first, followed by the range, which will aid in its customer appeal. Honda Activa electric scooters might soon be seen on our streets. Sales of scooters are led by Honda by a significant margin. An electric car bearing the Activa moniker may be very beneficial. Although Honda has not yet decided on a brand, it will likely stick with the Activa name to capitalize on its appeal. Honda wants to keep utilizing the well-known brand Activa for all of its products, including electric scooters.

The Honda Activa Electric scooter is set to debut with a sleek and contemporary look. Despite its simplicity, it will include amenities like a fully digital instrument panel, LED headlamps and tail lamps, anti-theft alert, quick charging, eco and power riding modes, and ample storage. When used in economy mode, the scooter’s range should be at least 100 kilometers and maybe 200 kilometers. It is anticipated that the scooter will contain a lithium-ion battery, which will increase its weight and lifespan.

Honda Electric Scooter Announcement

The president and CEO of HMSI, Minoru Kato, has attested to the fact that Honda’s Japanese headquarters is the site of ongoing work on electric scooter development. Additionally, contributions from Indian activities are being used in the development. Even though Honda has extensive experience making electric two-wheelers worldwide, Kato continued, it can be difficult to satisfy consumer expectations when it comes to mass models for a market like India.

In a market like India, the two most crucial factors that count are the scooter’s price and range. Finding the ideal balance between the two is crucial. India has long been a market that values fuel economy, and this also holds for electric cars. According to Kato, Honda hopes to get the electric scooter to travel at least 100 km on a single charge. Although the scooter’s release date is not yet confirmed, we anticipate seeing it in late 2019. Because Ather, Okinawa, and Hero Electric all have readily available electric scooters on the market, Honda’s plan will intensify competition among these companies.

Honda Activa Electric Scooter Price in India

As of right now, the precise details remain unknown. On the other hand, the Honda Activa Electric should retail for about Rs. 85,000. The taxes on battery imports may be reduced. This could have a favorable effect on electric scooter costs. If Honda offers several battery power sets, the pricing can also vary. Alternatively provides a standard lead-acid battery for entry-level scooters.

Honda Activa Electric Launch Date in India

The scooter is now being developed at Honda’s research and development facility in Japan. The Indian market will provide suggestions for the development, and an assessment of Indian electric scooters is also underway. The Okinawa Praise, one of the most talked-about electric scooters in India, will be the competitor for this one. You can watch our series of movies below where we thoroughly test the Okinawa Praise in Leh. The Electric Activa’s introduction in India is truly revolutionary at this point. It’s time for Honda to step up and introduce an electric version of their well-known brand in India, especially when major Indian manufacturers like Bajaj are already entering the electric industry.

Honda Activa Electric Range

Honda Activa ElectricRange
Minimum100 kms
Maximum200 kms

Honda Activa Electric Specifications

Motor1000 watts
Normal Charging time8 Hours
Fast Charging time1-2 hours
Top Speed75km/h

A 1000-watt motor is anticipated for the Honda Activa Electric to power the scooter. The scooter’s maximum speed is approximately 75 km/h. A Lithium-Ion battery that can be quickly charged will be included. The scooter may take up to eight hours to fully charge. It will take one to two hours to fully charge using rapid charging. We anticipate that mass production of this kind will contribute to the widespread installation of fast-charging stations around the nation.

Honda Activa Electric Design

Although Activa Electric’s design is still under wraps, we anticipate it to be contemporary. Plastic will likely be used for the body panels instead of metal. This will help to provide a greater range by lowering the weight. LED headlamps and tail lamps will be featured on the Activa electric scooter. Alloy wheels will be present. On these, disc brakes ought to be standard. The chairs will be long and wide enough to comfortably fit two passengers. Additionally useful will be the scooter’s storage areas. Honda will make an effort to make the Activa Electric both fashionable and functional, as it is intended for people who live in big cities. 

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Honda Activa Electric Colours

The Honda Activa electric’s color will differ slightly from the standard Activa’s. The scooter’s eco-friendly attributes will be showcased by its exclusive blue and green color options. In addition to this, a basic black-and-white color option will also be offered for the Honda Activa 6G.

Honda Activa Electric Competition

Hero Photon, TVS, Vespa, and Suzuki electric scooters, as well as the Okinawa Praise, will be competitors for Activa Electric.

Honda Activa Electric review on YouTube

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