Speed Demon: Testing the Honda Grom 2024’s Performance on the Highway

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Honda Grom 2024: There are countless possibilities available to you when purchasing a motorbike, from sports bikes with extreme speed to recreational scooters. But in the middle of those two lies the Grom, one of Honda’s most reasonably priced motorbikes.

The Grom, which debuted in 2014 as a member of Honda’s miniMOTO lineup, combines the strength of a full-sized motorcycle with the dimensions of everyone’s beloved mini sports bike from their childhood racing experiences. Though we may be exaggerating a little, the Grom is a distinctive addition to the motorcycle industry with its roughly 220-pound frame and 30-inch seat height. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, though; Honda fitted it with a 124cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that can reach up to 55 mph. Under some, risky circumstances, you may be able to reach faster speeds (full-throttle downhill). You will not, however, be able to continuously drive at highway speeds.

It raises the question: Is it safe to drive a Honda Grom on a highway? While it’s possible (more on that later), you really shouldn’t. It makes sense that people get tired of tiny motorcycles using the same lanes as larger cars. You probably wouldn’t want to ride the Honda Grom 2024 on the highway next to cars that tower over it and can easily reach double the speed, even if it’s one of the most reasonably priced little motorcycles.

The Honda Grom 2024 is street-legal nearly everywhere

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Mini motorbike fans will be pleased to learn that the Honda Grom 2024 is a street-legal vehicle in the United Kingdom, Canada, most European Union countries, and almost every region of the United States, even though highways may not be safe for the vehicle. Although it has a 124cc engine, it is classified as a 125cc motorbike in most places; however, in states like California, Michigan, and Illinois, this is not the case. The Grom is an inexpensive motorbike and among the greatest small bikes that are legal for street use, but if you happen to be in one of the other 47 states, you are welcome to ride it on the highways.

If you’re unsure whether you can drive your Grom in your community, find out the details by getting in touch with the law enforcement or transportation departments there. Ask about any additional conditions that must be fulfilled before operating the motorbike on the road while you’re at it. Naturally, a license is required to drive the Grom anyplace. The majority of states in the United States demand an A1 motorbike license; however, registration requirements vary by state, so verify with your local offices. For certification, residents of the United Kingdom must finish mandatory basic training (CBT).

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