Kia Teases with Futuristic Design Elements for K4 Compact Sedan

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  • Ahead of the New York auto show, the company today hinted at the March 21 unveiling of the upcoming Kia Teases K4, a new small car.
  • The bodywork of the K4 looks similar to the Kia Concept EV4 sedan, despite the obscure photographs that Kia released.
  • Although it’s unknown if the K4 runs on petrol or electricity, we believe it might replace both the Kia Forte and the discontinued Kia Rio.

Kia Teases: A brand-new little vehicle from Kia will soon be available in American shops. A week or so before the New York auto show, on March 21, the Kia K4 will make its formal debut, as the firm teased today with a few teaser photos.

A New Kia Sedan

We can have a peek at the top part of the car in the three pictures that Kia released. It looks like the front of the roof features a huge sunroof panel, akin to the configuration used on the now-discontinued Kia Stinger. The K4’s appearance resembles a coupe because of the way the roofline slopes into a short rear decklid.

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The wide base of the rearmost pillars is reminiscent of past Kia sedans, such as the electric EV4 concept, the Korean-spec K3, and the Stinger. The latter also appears to have served as an inspiration for some of the styling elements of the K4, given how similar the headlamp and taillight designs are to those of the concept. The lateral body panels of the K4 are likewise convex in form.

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Even though not much is known about it, Kia teases refers to the next K4 model as a compact sedan. If true, it fulfills the same function as the current Kia Forte. However, we think there’s a potential that Kia will use the U.S.-spec K4 to take the position of the Forte and the diminutive Kia Rio, which was phased out after the 2023 model year.

Given the company’s history of using the “EV” designation in the model name, even if the powertrain of the Kia K4 is unknown, it is most likely not electric. We may know a lot more when Kia’s new models arrive.

Kia Teases review on Youtube

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