Experience Luxury for Less: Maruti Ertiga at an Irresistible Price

Maruti Ertiga Second Hand: Maruti Suzuki, a Japanese automaker, is presently the biggest automobile producer in India. Maruti autos are available in a variety of market sectors. Maruti’s Ertiga will be a fantastic choice for you if you’re searching for a nice seven-seater vehicle. However, if you are short on cash, you might choose the used Maruti Ertiga, which is available on the internet for a significantly lower price.

Five of these top Maruti Ertiga models are described in more detail and are available on Carstech.in for extremely competitive prices.

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Maruti Ertiga Second Hand List

The initial owner’s automobile, a petrol 2012 Maruti Ertiga LXI type with a manual transmission, has driven 22,000 kilometres too far. The amount that it costs remains at Rs 4.25 lakh.

First owner 2012 Maruti Ertiga LXI variant, valued at Rs 4.25 lakh, has driven 34,000 km to date on a fuel vehicle with a manual gearbox.

With 82,000 kilometres driven, the 2017 Maruti Ertiga SHVS VDI Plus variant is the first owner car with a manual diesel transmission. The pricing of Rs 6.30 lakh has not changed.

With a diesel manual transmission and 90,000 kilometres on it, the 2018 Maruti Ertiga SHVS VDI Limited Edition is a one-owner car. It is still available for Rs 7.50 lakh.

With the CNG manual transmission, the first-owner 2017 Maruti Ertiga CNG VXI variant has now travelled 65,000 km. It is still available for Rs 7.45 lakh.

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Maruti Ertiga Price In India

In the Indian market, the Maruti Ertiga is priced between Rs 8.64 lakh and Rs 13.28 lakh, ex-showroom in Delhi. It is available in four models and seven colour variations for the Indian market.

In addition, it has a 1.5-litre petrol engine with CNG and mild hybrid technology. It states that its CNG technology has a 26.11-kilometre range.

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