Diesel-Powered Mahindra Cars Steal the Show, Leaving Petrol Models in the Shadows

Diesel Mahindra appear to be bringing in more revenue than petrol ones, even with the government’s strict regulations in place.

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One of the few Indian automakers still providing a choice between gasoline and diesel engines for practically the whole range is Mahindra. Customers appear to still have a fondness for the classic oil burner, even in spite of the tighter regulations aimed at phase-out of diesel vehicles, as evidenced by the data. Check out the sales numbers for Mahindra vehicles with both gasoline and diesel engine options for January 2024 instead of taking our word for it. 

Jan 2024 Sales figuresPetrolDieselDifference
Scorpio Classic and Scorpio N7651352812,763

* This figure reflects sales of both diesel-powered XUV300s and XUV400s.

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  • It is fairly clear which fuel is the preferred option. More Mahindra vehicles were sold, each of their individual diesel models.
  • The biggest difference can be found in the numbers between the Scorpio N and Scorpio Classic, which is partly because the Scorpio Classic is an SUV that only runs on diesel.
  • The diesel version sold over eight times as many units as the petrol version.
  • Given that the diesel sales figures also include the XUV400 sales, the XUV300 petrol and diesel sales were fairly comparable.
  • Sales of the diesel XUV700 exceeded those of the petrol version by a factor of 2.5.
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The gasoline and diesel versions of these SUVs don’t really perform any differently from one another. Indeed, when it comes to the initial cost of ownership, every diesel variant is more expensive than the corresponding petrol variant. However, because the diesel versions have more torque at lower RPMs, they will ultimately be easier to use and offer better fuel economy, particularly in urban areas.

Are you shocked by this disparity in Mahindra automobile sales between the gasoline and diesel models? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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