Experience the Maruti Waggon R Advantage: 35 Km/l Mileage Delivered

 Maruti Waggon R:The nation’s largest automaker’s vehicles once again displayed their magic in October of last year. There was one vehicle among them that is not only at the top but also about to set a new record. With over 22 years of sales, this hatchback has maintained a position in the top ten most popular vehicles. Customers continue to favour it. From the start, it has been the nation’s preferred family vehicle.

Maruti Waggon R
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Maruti Waggon R is excellent in performance

This is primarily due to its great mileage, easy space and performance, and easy handling in city traffic. In terms of cost, you can purchase it for the same amount as any low-cost vehicle. There are CNG and petrol versions available. Only private and business use of this vehicle is permitted. The vehicle we are referring to is the Maruti Suzuki Waggon R. October’s top 10 best-selling cars once again included the Maruti Waggon R.

Gives tremendous mileage

The car was sold in 22,080 units. Second place goes to Maruti Swift hatchback. There were 20,598 units sold. When it comes to features, the Maruti Waggon R has two engine options. There are 1.0-liter and 1.2-liter petrol engines available here. The car is also available from the company in CNG variant. When it comes to the car’s fuel efficiency, it can go up to 27 km per litre on gasoline and 35 km per kg on compressed natural gas.

Powerful features are available

Maruti Waggon R comes equipped with two airbags. In addition, the vehicle has numerous features like central locking, engine immobiliser, power steering, rear parking sensor, steering wheel lock, child lock, ABS, and EBD. The car requires Rs 6,000 in maintenance each year. Under such circumstances, the monthly cost would be Rs 500 if we treat it as such.

This is the price 

Its base variant is available for Rs 5.54 lakh, if we look at the price now. Regarding its top-tier model, it costs Rs 7.42 lakh to acquire. The country’s nearly all NBFCs and banks offer auto financing as well. At the Maruti Wagon R on-road price, you are able to obtain a car loan.

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