Meet the Future: Honda’s Newest SUV and Sedan Coming in 2024

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2024 will introduce two new Honda models in the Indian market: the New-Gen Amaze and a new small SUV.

Honda Cars India just unveiled the Elevate to the Indian market. Customers reacted favorably to the mid-size SUV, which helped the Japanese automaker regain its position atop the sales charts. Maintaining its current trajectory, Honda is anticipated to launch a new SUV in the nation in 2024; it is anticipated to be a compact SUV. Furthermore, the Amaze small sedan is anticipated to receive an update next year, along with the introduction of the new generation model. Let’s see what Honda has planned for the upcoming year.

1. New-Gen Honda Amaze

As everyone knows, the current model of the Honda Amaze debuted in 2018 and underwent a mid-life makeover in 2021. The third version of the compact sedan is currently in development and is scheduled for release worldwide in 2024. The vehicle will be built on a significantly modified version of the current PF2 chassis. For the Indian market, the current 1.2-liter i-VTEC engine, which 

produces 90 horsepower and 110 Nm of peak torque, will remain the engine of choice. A diesel engine will not be available.

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The sedan will continue to be a little smaller than four meters in size. In keeping with the newest sedans like the current City and the international Spec Accord, the next-generation Amaze will sport the brand’s most recent design direction. The package will include an updated feature list including ADAS as well as a redesigned layout within the cabin.

2. Honda New Compact SUV

Honda Cars India plans to introduce a new small SUV in 2024, in keeping with its pledge to introduce five new SUVs to the Indian market by 2030. Although the first product was the recently released Elevate, four additional SUVs are scheduled to make their national premiere. A sub-4-meter small SUV appears to be a smart move for the Japanese manufacturer to improve its sales figures and capture a portion of the growing SUV market.

Media reports state that the WR-V, canceled in April of this year due to the implementation of the BS6.2 emission standards, may resurface in an entirely new guise. We anticipate that the about 4-meter-long Indonesian spec variant will arrive in India. Its design will be similar to the Elevate’s, and it probably will have ADAS technology. The vehicle would probably use the company’s 1.2-liter i-VTEC engine, which has 110 Nm and 90 horsepower peak torque. It will be paired with a manual or automatic gearbox.

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