A dream come true: Mumbai gets its hands on the remarkable Rs 1 crore Tesla Model X

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Tesla Model X: Based on the photographs, it appears that one of the first Tesla customers in India received his delivery. Images that were recently posted on WhatsApp reveal that a Mumbai-based car customer recently received his Tesla Model X. The picture of the car includes a container that reads “First Tesla in India.” Greenwich Meridian Logistics transported and couriered this car to an unidentified person in Mumbai.

This isn’t the formal debut. In India, Tesla has not yet been released. This is a buyer’s private import. It appears that the original idea to establish a giga plant in India has been modified. In the Chinese region of Shanghai, Tesla is setting up shop. Tesla is the first international business to fully own and operate a facility in China.

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The Tesla Model X is a crossover that goes up against top-tier automobiles such as the Jaguar I-PACE. A fully electric car at this price range is something that other luxury automakers are also attempting to enter the market.

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Although it is based on the Model S, this crossover provides enough for seven passengers. The Model S and this vehicle share the same base and powertrain. This car features two electric motors that provide 255 horsepower to the front wheels and 499 horsepower to the back ones. An astounding 967Nm of combined torque is produced. 

This electric crossover’s 90D version reaches 100 km/h in roughly 5.

Not even a second. The higher variation P90D takes one less second to reach the 100 mark or four seconds. The P90D can achieve 100 in 3.2 seconds in the Ludicrous Mode. The maximum speed limit for this vehicle is 250 km/h.

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This car is loaded with cutting-edge technology, including an airtight cabin, a high-end music system, adjustable ride height, and Auto Pilot with semi-autonomous driving. If the duties are taken into account, the cost of this new crossover will be approximately Rs 1.5 crore. The top model is available for $128,300 on the US market.

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