Paving the Way for the Future: New Jeep SUV Scheduled for 2024

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 New Jeep SUV: In India, Jeep is up against fierce competition. Consumers are beginning to lose faith in the brand due to declining sales. A new offering from Jeep is needed to increase sales. Carrying a C-SUV is one of the obvious options. As part of its global portfolio, it already has the Avenger, which conforms. Will it still be around in 2024? Let’s discuss the Jeep little sport utility vehicle. 

Could we see it in 2024?

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Rumour has said that Jeep intends to introduce the Avenger to India. There was a buzz in the industry during GIIAS that Jeep is considering bringing the Avenger to India. Thus, while the Avenger is anticipated in India, its 2024 release currently appears extremely unlikely. A launch in 2025 seems more likely, in our opinion.

New Jeep SUV – Design

The dimensions of the Jeep Avenger are 4080mm long, 1780mm wide, and 1530mm high. For Jeep, this can get a little complicated. It can either pit against the creta/Seltos as is, or cut away the extra length to receive the sub-4m benefits. In terms of appearance, the Avenger Jeep has done a great job of fusing modern components with a classic look. We have a new grille up front along with smoke lights. The side profile resembles a scaled-down Compass. Once more, there are smoked tail lamps at the back. 


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The Avenger is available with both ICE and EV powertrains worldwide. The ICE variant has a 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine that can generate 100 horsepower. You may recognize this engine from the Citroen C3, which it powers. A 54kWh battery pack and a 154bhp motor that generates 260Nm of torque are included in the electric version. Regarding range, its stated range is 400 km. 

New Jeep SUV – Features

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Jeep will need to pack the Avenger with goodies if it decides to export it to India. A large infotainment system, digital instrument cluster, heated seats, panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting, and other features are going to be necessary for the Avenger. Jeep must also enhance the fit and finish, which has received criticism on the Meridian and Compass. As ADAS becomes more commonplace, Jeep needs to provide it for the Avenger as well.

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