Heart-Pounding Adventure: The Kawasaki Z H2 Thrilling Characteristics

 Kawasaki Z H2:Manufacturer of ultra-sport motorcycles, Kawasaki Z H2 Some of the best motorcycles are renowned for be built by Kawasaki. The power and scooter-like appearance of this motorcycle are well-known. For this reason, riding is the primary use for it. 

Two versions of the Kawasaki Z H2, a super sport bike, were introduced to the Indian market. The Z H2 and Z H2 SE were added in 2024 as an update. Along with new colour options, this model has updated hardware. It comes in two colour schemes: Metallic Carbon Grey with Ebony paint and Metallic Matte Grafensteel Grey with Ebony paint for the Z H2 SE.  

 Kawasaki Z H2
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Kawasaki Z H2 Features

An instrument cluster that is entirely digital is one of the Kawasaki Ninja Z H2’s features. It is Bluetooth enabled and has smartphone connectivity. Through the Kawasaki Rideology The App, it can be operated. Modern features like email notifications, SMS alerts, call alerts, and a navigation system are available with this. In addition, a fuel gauge, standby alert, hazard warning indicator, trip metre, speedometer, tachometer, gear position and a clock with a time display are standard.

Kawasaki Z H2 Engine

In terms of propulsion, it has a 998cc liquid-cooled inline four-cylinder supercharged roadster engine. which, at 11,000 rpm, produces 197.2 horsepower and 137 nm of peak torque. It is connected to a 6-speed gearbox. Additionally, there is the advantage of a slipper clutch to help the rider. Its bi-directional quickshifter gearbox is an additional benefit.

 Kawasaki Z H2
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Kawasaki Z H2 On Road Price

With an adjustable compression and rebound damping Showa SFF-BP fork up front and a new Uni-Trac Showa gas-charged shock down back, it can handle the hardware and braking responsibilities of the Kawasaki Z H2. The control for this motorcycle comes from. It now has 320mm disc brakes on the front wheel and 260mm disc brakes on the back wheel with dual channel ABS to handle braking duties.  

Kawasaki Z H2 Brakes

The Kawasaki Ninja Z H2 motorcycle is incredibly stylish and cool-looking. which Indians frequently prefer to purchase. However, riding is how most people use it. In the Indian market, this motorcycle is priced at Rs 26,36,644, and in Delhi, it is available for Rs 31,12,180 on the road. With a strong engine, this motorcycle is in the premium range. Your maximum speed on this motorbike is 280 kilometres per hour.

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