A New Era of Driving: 2024 Audi Q4 e-tron Range and Performance

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  • The new 2024 Audi Q4 e-tron range model is set to replace the Q4 50 e-tron in April as part of Audi’s mid-year model update for 2024.
  • Using an updated permanently excited synchronous motor on the rear axle, the 55 model now generates 335 horsepower, 40 more than previously.
  • Enhancing efficiency further, the Q4 55 e-tron can travel 258 miles on a 77.0-kWh battery before running out of power, an increase of 22 miles.

Significant changes are being made to the 2024 Audi Q4 e-tron range luxury electric SUV for 2024, although you wouldn’t know it from the outside. The most potent all-wheel-drive model, the Q4 50 e-Tron, will become the Q4 55 e-tron during the model year when it receives a 22-mile driving range increase, a suspension adjustment, and an additional powerful rear electric motor. The changes affect both the sloped-roof Sportback and the conventional SUV-shaped Q4 e-tron. Audi has already disclosed modifications to the Q4 e-tron for the European market, and they have now verified the same adjustments for the American market.

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A stronger permanently excited synchronous motor on the rear axle allows the revised 2024 Q4 55 e-tron to produce 335 horsepower. Compared to the departing 2024 Audi Q4 e-tron range, that is a 40-pony gain, while the asynchronous front-mounted motor remains the same. According to Audi, the additional muscle cuts the time to 60 mph by 0.8 seconds, for a claimed total of 5.0 seconds. When we get our hands on an improved model, it might come in about 4.0 seconds, given that we tested the Q4 50 e-tron at 5.6 seconds.

The Q4 55 e-tron’s 77.0-kWh battery doesn’t get any smaller thanks to the new, more efficient motor, but its EPA-estimated range increases by 22 miles to 258 miles. Improved heat management, which results from redesigned gear wheel geometry and arrangement in the gearbox and an external water-cooling jacket for the motor’s stator, is what boosts efficiency.

Additionally, Audi has improved the cell chemistry, enabling a 175 kW maximum DC fast-charging capability instead of just 150 kW. As per Audi’s statement, the 2024 Audi Q4 e-tron range can now get an 80 percent charge in as little as 28 minutes. Additionally, the route planner will give preference to public DC fast-charging stations, precondition the battery before you get there, and post-condition it by cooling it down if the temperature rises above a predetermined point while you’re driving or charging.

In addition, Audi claims that the 2024 Audi Q4 e-tron range has better steering and updated suspension tuning that results in more “harmonious damping, improved steering response, and tighter load control.” There’s also a new 21-inch wheel available, with all-season tires measuring 255/40 on the back and 235/45 on the front.

Remarkably, the updated Q4 55 e-tron won’t cost more than it does now when it arrives at American dealerships in April. Similar to the outgoing Q4 50 e-tron versions, the Q4 55 e-tron will start at $56, 395 for the regular SUV body and $59,395 for the Sportback type.

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