Dynamic Drives: The 2024 Bugatti Chiron Successor’s Hybrid V-16 Tune

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  • The hybrid V-16 engine from the 2024 Bugatti Chiron, which will power the vehicle that will replace the Chiron, was just unveiled to the public.
  • Although the hypercar’s name is still unknown, the manufacturer has stated that it would be unveiled in June. This is the newest Bugatti.
  • The latest vehicle is referred as by the manufacturer as “incomparable in every detail” and “a pure embodiment of Bugatti’s DNA.”

While small-displacement plug-in hybrids and battery-electric cars are making news, Bugatti is eschewing caution and packing a hybrid V-16 powertrain in the middle of its next hypercar. With the release of this 26-second teaser film showing the new powertrain accelerating through the gears, the French hypercar manufacturer verified the news.

“2024 Bugatti Chiron has raised the bar for design, engineering, performance, and workmanship with each iteration of its hyper sports car. Additionally, Bugatti presents the world with the first page of the newest chapter in its illustrious history this year, eight years to the day after the Chiron was made public, the company stated in a statement.

Image credit: Google

The new vehicle and its upgraded engine will be unveiled in June, but Bugatti states in a lyrical way that it was created “pour l’éternité,” not merely for the here and now. Even though that clip made us think that an eternity is a long time, we’re not here to dispute.

It has long been known that the 2024 Bugatti Chiron will be switching to a hybrid system for its upcoming vehicle. After all, Achim Anscheidt, the former head of design at Bugatti, confirmed the news last year that the company would combine with the Croatian automaker Rimac in 2021. Sadly, since 2022, all 99 of the $5 million Mistral roadsters have been sold, so good luck finding one if you’re in the market.

“2024 Bugatti Chiron Review on YouTube”

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