Rolls-Royce SUV Arcadia Droptail: Where Luxury Meets Adventure

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  • The Rolls-Royce SUV Arcadia Droptail is the third coach-built roadster from the British luxury brand.
  • Greek mythology describes Arcadia as “Heaven on Earth,” and the new two-seater’s exquisite embellishments honor that idea.
  • The wood portions of the Arcadia required 8,000 hours of work, according to Rolls-Royce SUV, while the creation of the most intricate clock face in the company’s history took five months.

What it must be like to be fabulously rich is beyond our comprehension. With the help of the Rolls-Royce SUV and its most recent coachbuilt creation, the Arcadia Droptail, we don’t have to use much creativity. This is because the recently released exquisite two-seat roadster serves as evidence that while millions of money may not be able to purchase happiness, they can buy a moving work of art that is unmatched.

The third generation of the limited-edition Droptail, the Arcadia was created especially for an unidentified buyer and was commissioned by Rolls’ Coachbuild subsidiary. The customer had complete control over the curation process, and the process is reported to have taken four years. The very name of the custom convertible is derived from Greek mythology, designating a location referred to as “Heaven on Earth.”

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The motif of the Arcadia Droptail, which catered to the desires of its affluent clientele, was derived from their preferred global locales, ranging from Singapore’s tropical sky gardens to Britain’s “Biomimetic” architectural design. It’s probably for the best that Rolls-Royce isn’t creating this author a custom Droptail, as nobody wants to see a gorgeous vehicle based on places like South Florida and Las Vegas.

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The hardwood utilized inside and on the rear deck, part of the Arcadia is one of its most attractive features. Rolls states that there are 233 pieces of wood, referred to as Santos Straight Grain. To keep it safe for the duration of the car, a protective lacquer had to be created. It is reported that the entire operation took eight thousand hours. However, the effort was well worth it, since it contrasts well with Arcadia’s brilliant white paint that is mixed with glass and aluminum particles.

Rolls claims that instead of having totally or partially exposed carbon fiber, the lower areas of the Arcadia are painted a distinctive silver color, in contrast to the other two Droptail versions, the La Rose Noire and the Amethyst. Other exterior components have a polished finish, like the grille surround and the 22-inch wheels.

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Tan and white leather cover the inside of the Arcadia. Additionally, Rolls claims that the clock face it houses is the most intricate one the firm has ever produced. After two years of development, the process is reported to have taken five months. A geometric guilloché design with 119 facets is incorporated into the clock’s raw metal face.

Although Rolls doesn’t specify the Arcadia’s engine or price, we believe the former is most likely a 6.7-liter V-12 with 593 horsepower, and the latter is probably close to $30 million. In any case, everyone who sees the newest Droptail will be left in awe.

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