Exciting Innovations: The 2025 BMW iX3 Prototype

2025 BMW iX3: According to the photos, this SUV is a 2025 BMW iX3 that was taken on a European auto carrier. Does it represent a novel idea or the updated iX3?

Is this BMW X3’s next electrified model?

Wilco Blok, a frequent espionage photographer, captured an electrified BMW SUV on a car carrier in Europe. Although the car’s specific identity is unclear, it seems to have an SUV-like silhouette.

That would imply that it’s the brand-new electric 2025 BMW iX3, which we have recently seen spying on several occasions. 

It’s unclear if this is a concept car or the production model, but if it’s a concept, we anticipate it to be similar to the Munich-unveiled Vision Neue Klasse from the previous year.

In contrast to the recently spotted combustion X3, which has a slightly altered exterior and interior, we anticipate the 2025 BMW iX3 to sport a drastically altered appearance.

It will be one of several models based on the new architecture specifically designed for electric cars (EVs). BMW intends to introduce six Neue Klasse models—several sedans and one SUV—between 2025 and 2027. 

Image credit: Google

The Neue Klasse SUV is much more rounded than the somewhat upright iX3, though perhaps not to the same extent as electric SUVs from rival Mercedes-Benz. It may go by the namesiX330, iX340, and iX350.

Domagoj Dukec, the head of design at BMW, has stated that the company aims to give its unique style rather than imitating Chinese companies that have flowing lines.

Similar to the earlier-released Vision Neue Klasse sedan concept, which shows off a production sedan sized for the 3 Series, the SUV looks to sport a wide, rather than tall, version of BMW’s recognizable double-kidney grille and a sharp, forward-slanting “shark nose.”

Image credit: Google

The BMW Hofmeister kink at the C-pillar is still a defining feature of the design, and the iX3 is more similar to the BMW iX in terms of its bulging tailboard and smooth, flowing side details.

The next BMW SUV will compete with vehicles such as the Audi Q6 e-tron and the Mercedes-Benz EQC of the upcoming generation when it is released in 2025.

In contrast to its fellow German automakers, BMW has committed to a multi-pathway strategy combining combustion, electric, and hydrogen power sources rather than announcing a deadline for the manufacturing of internal combustion-powered vehicles. 

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