The Ultimate Performance: 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles with GSX-R Engines

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2024 Suzuki Motorcycles: Everybody has moments in life when they wonder what life would be like if they rode a motorbike. However, selecting the ideal car can be intimidating if you’re not familiar with the motorcycle lifestyle. When it comes to the big manufacturers of sports bikes, the main rivalry is between Ducati and 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles. While either would be a great option, Suzuki’s GSX-R engines are a guaranteed winner.

With the GSX-R400 motorcycle, the Japanese firm debuted the GSX-R engines in 1984. The 400cc model was only available in Japan, but as the original swiftly gained popularity, Suzuki introduced the GSX-R to the world in 750cc and 1000cc versions. The business kept adding models to the lineup until the GSX-R family, which included the GSX-R750, GSX-R600, and GSX models, was complete.

Sports bikes powered by the GSX-R engine are still very popular among riders and racers today. Some of the quickest 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles ever produced are found in several models. They are reasonably priced, provide competitive, long-lasting performance, and are the Honda Civics of the industry. So, these are some contemporary motorcycles with cherished features if you’re eager to obtain a bike with a GSX-R engine.


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2024 Suzuki Motorcycles revealed a new GSX-S1000GT as a 2024 model. The GSX-R1000 engine’s capability is combined with a lightweight, comfortable body in this sport-touring bike. There are two variants available: GSX-S1000GT and GT+. Grand Tourers, or GT for short, are a class of Suzuki motorcycles that have performance comparable to that of sports bikes, unique appearance (such as a slanted nose, V-shaped position lights, and sleek mirrors), and a tonne of add-ons to customize your sport-touring machine.

The 999cc GSX-R-based engine powering the GT and GT+ delivers exceptional power that is uncommon for a sport-touring motorcycle. Strong torque and a smooth ride are delivered by the engine, a 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, 4-cylinder Dual Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) with Ride-by-Wire electronic throttles. With Suzuki’s mySPIN connectivity built into its 6.5-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display, you can effortlessly pair your smartphone with Bluetooth helmets to access your music, navigation, and phone information. With a suggested retail price of $14,199, the GT+ is one of the most reasonably priced 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles available right now, priced at $13,449 for the GSX-S1000GT.

Comfort is the primary factor among the many reasons why a person would select a sport-touring bike over a sports bike. For longer rides, Suzuki designed the GSX-S1000GT with upright ergonomics and a touring windscreen. The sport-touring bike’s versatility is further increased by the optional side cases that are available for both models.

GSX-R1000R/1000 engine of Suzuki motorcycles

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The DOHC inline-four engine of the newest member of the GSX-R family, the GSX-R1000R/1000, delivers maximum power with robust low-to-mid-range pulls. It has a modified silencer, a heat shield, Suzuki’s unique Variable Valve Timing system, and a 4-2-1 exhaust. The 2024 model, which draws inspiration from the original GSX-R1000, is equipped with class-leading engine power, a small chassis, outstanding suspension, braking control, and snappy handling, making it suitable for any racetrack (or interstate, if that’s more your speed).

2024 Suzuki Motorcycles ultimate high-performance sportbike is the GSX-R1000R. To improve performance on roads and racetracks, it has the brand’s exclusive Motion Track Anti-Lock Brake and Launch Control Systems. Naturally, at an MSRP of $18,499, it will set you back a hefty cash. In contrast, the GSX-R1000 costs $16,349, although earlier GSX-R1000 models also include the renowned GSX-R engine if you want to save even more money. Now that Suzuki has released the 2024 lineup, you may probably find some really good prices on them. Any model of GSX-R1000, from the newest with all the bling and glamour to an older model that’s still incredibly dependable, is nearly hard to go wrong with.


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You’ve probably noticed by now that Suzuki motorcycles with GSX-R engines have been given similar names, and the GSX-R600 is no exception.

The GSX-R600, a beloved model that will be back in 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles lineup, packs the GSX-R engine’s power into a small frame. The 599cc, four-cylinder, fuel-injected engine powers the mid-size sportbike. It also has Suzuki’s Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS), which allows drivers to change the engine’s power to a more comfortable level or to better suit the driving conditions at hand. Suzuki also shifted the top end of the engine forward, which enhanced cylinder head charge and increased power output. 

The sportbike has amazing handling thanks to the Showa Big Piston Front Fork (BPF), adjustable rear shock absorbers, and overall low bulk. All fast things must finally come to a stop, and the GSX-R600 boasts powerful stopping capability thanks to its dual Brembo Monobloc engines. At an MSRP of $11,899, the 2024 GSX-R600 is available in three paint schemes: matte black and blue, white and red, and white and blue.


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Perhaps you’re a stickler for history and would rather ride a more straightforward, vintage sportbike, but you still want the GSX-R’s power. Go no further than 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles GSX-S1000 if that’s the case. The 999cc long-stroke GSX-R1000 engine powering this naked sportbike can deliver high-performance power without compromising low-to-midrange torque. The S1000 and S1000GT both have Ride-by-Wire electronic throttles, which enable controlled and seamless engine response.

A 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles Drive Mode Selector with three modes that offer sporty, all-around, and softer throttle riding options is available for the GSX-S1000. The Advanced Traction Control System, with its five modes, continuously adjusts engine power and stops unwanted wheel spinning by monitoring wheel speed, RPM, gear, and throttle.

Metallic Matte Sword Silver and Metallic Triton Blue are the two color options for the GSX-S1000. It has a $11,699 MSRP.


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In 1985, the 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles GSX-R750 transformed the sportbike industry, thus it would be remiss of us to omit its most recent iteration from our list. For those seeking a contemporary take on a vintage motorcycle, the 2024 GSX-R750 might be the right choice.

The 750cc fuel-injected four-cylinder GSX-R engine and the lightweight 600cc Supersport frame combine to create an unparalleled mix that gives the legendary sportbike an overall balanced sportbike experience. The 2024 Suzuki Motorcycles Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS) and Engine Control Module (ECM) are two of the bike’s most recognizable engine features. 

The GSX-R750’s powerful, responsive engine allows for light and agile handling. When it comes to sportbikes and Suzuki motorcycles with the GSX-R engine, it’s the best of both worlds. Three colorways are available: Metallic Matte Black with Glass Sparkle Black, Pearl Brilliant White, Metallic Triton Blue, and Pearl Brilliant White and Metallic Matte Stellar Blue. Its $12,999 base MSRP places it at the center of this list in terms of affordability.

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