Conquer Every Mile with Hero Xtreme 125R: The Ultimate Adventure Bike

Hero Xtreme 125R:Hero will turn 40 in 2024, but a bike targeted at riders much younger than that will be released in the first half of the year. With its youthful, sporty, and premium design, the new Hero Xtreme 125R is directly targeted at bikes like the TVS Raider and the Bajaj Pulsar NS125.

Hero Xtreme 125R design

Hero Xtreme 125R
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With an aggressive-looking headlamp that makes me think of the new Honda CB1000 Hornet and the former Kawasaki Z1000, it has the looks to attract the younger crowd. This looks and feels like a bigger machine than it actually is thanks to its meaty bodywork, which includes a large fuel tank and a sharp tail section with split seats.

Although the wide tank shrouds appear a little excessive from the side, from the rider’s perspective they are ideal and only serve to enhance the “big” feeling—especially considering that this is only a 125cc machine.

Hero Xtreme 125R engine changes

Hero Xtreme 125R
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Originally, the engine was the Glamour 125 unit. Hero then attempted to exert additional force, but this resulted in harsher vibrations. After that, a silent cam chain and balancer shaft were added to the engine to provide the usual smooth running experience that Hero owners anticipate. 

The engine generates 11.55 horsepower, which is comparable to the Raider’s output but slightly less than the TVS’s 10.5 Nm of torque. Hero, however, has never claimed to have the most powerful bike in the class; instead, it says that this bike has the smoothest engine and the highest efficiency in the class, with a certified efficiency of 66 kpl.

Hero Xtreme 125R refinement, performance

Hero Xtreme 125R
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Although we were only able to test ride the bike for a few laps on Hero’s test track, the engine is undoubtedly smooth, so we can’t yet comment on how fuel-efficient it is. It has that characteristic Hero refinement at low speeds, and at high rpms, there are only slight high-frequency vibrations to be felt. 

Its performance feels pretty good as well, with good midrange, flexibility, and ease of over 80 kph. The five-speed gearbox didn’t feel particularly smooth or precise, but it also didn’t feel awful. The engine’s sound is one area where it falls short of the TVS; even with the stylish exhaust pipe, it’s rather bland and lacks the TVS’s deep bass beat.

Hero Xtreme 125R handling, chassis dynamics

Hero Xtreme 125R
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The new 125R borrows a lot of features from its larger brother, the Xtreme 160, and isn’t just called an Xtreme. This includes a 37mm telescopic fork that has had its internals adjusted, and the chassis itself is derived from the 160.

Because of this, the bike handles fairly well and was enjoyable to ride around Hero’s track despite having a soft, plush feel. Similar to the Raider, this bike is meant to be fun and manoeuvrable, but it should also be simple to ride in urban areas. The primary distinction is that, weighing 136 kg, it is 8 kg lighter than the Pulsar NS125 but 13 kg heavier than the Raider—a significant difference.

Hero Xtreme 125R features, ABS

A 130mm rear drum and a 276mm front disc are in charge of braking. Rear disc brakes are not an option, and the segment’s actual braking performance is about average. Hero is raising the bar, though, by providing single channel ABS, a first for the market, at a very reasonable price.

The bike is actually very well-equipped, even without the ABS. It has a projector LED headlamp as well as full LED lighting. It also features the same Xtreme 160R-style negative LCD dash.

Hero Xtreme 125R verdict

Hero Xtreme 125R base price, ex-Delhi, is Rs 95,000; the ABS-equipped model is Rs 4,500 more expensive. That is a very competitive price for a stylish, well-equipped, enjoyable to ride, and highly desirable motorcycle. Hero will benefit much from this bike. 

Hero Xtreme 125R Review On You-Tube

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