Experience Superior Performance with the 2024 Yamaha MT 15 and a Low Downpayment

Your wish to get a 2024 Yamaha MT 15 will now also come true, so if you’re considering it, now is the perfect time. We have provided you with a superior option that allows you to purchase it with a simple down payment and call it your own. 

The Yamaha MT 15 is a fantastic street bike that combines stylish styling and excellent performance. A common dream is to purchase it. if you lack the funds to purchase it right now. so that you can make a down payment on it. Below, we’ll provide you with all the details about this.  

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2024 Yamaha MT 15 On Road Price

Three variants of the Yamaha MT 15 have been introduced to the Indian market. This has an on-road price in Delhi of Rs 1.96 lakh for its base model and Rs 2.02 lakh for its top variant. This motorbike is offered with a 155 cc engine. Its gasoline tank holds 10 liters, and its overall weight is 141 kg.  

2024 Yamaha MT 15 Down Payment

With a down payment of Rs 19,999, you can have the Yamaha MT 15 delivered to your house. This will be funded over a three-year period at a 12% interest rate. You will receive an EMI plan worth Rs 6,660 with this, and you will need to deposit money into it each month. However, keep in mind that these EMI plans could vary depending on your dealership. Get in touch with the dealership that is closest to you for additional details on this.  

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2024 Yamaha MT 15 Features

This car has a fully digital instrument cluster as a convenience feature. Additionally, sophisticated features offer smart features like email notifications, SMS alerts, call alerts, and smartphone and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, it has basic functions such as a fuel gauge, gear position, speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, service indication, standby warning, and a clock to show the time.  

2024 Yamaha MT 15 Engine

When it comes to the Yamaha MT 15, it boasts an air-cooled, four-valve, 155 cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine. This has a six-speed gearbox for power. At 10,000 rpm, this engine produces 18.1 bhp of power and 14.2 nm of torque. 

2024 Yamaha MT 15 Brakes

Disc brakes have been installed on both wheels of this vehicle to handle its braking duties. In addition to the slipper and assist clutch mechanism, this has twin channel ABS and traction control anti-locking brake system as safety features.

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