Get Ready for Hero Surge S32: India’s Most Anticipated Electric Vehicle

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Hero Surge S32 Release Date & Price in India – Hero MotoCorp has a subsidiary called Surge. Additionally, this company debuted the Hero Surge S32, its first automobile, at Hero World 2024. Hero Surge S32 is a completely new kind of vehicle that may be used as an electric scooter or as a three-wheeled cargo truck. 

The Hero Surge S32 is an electric vehicle that is highly versatile, serving as both an electric scooter and a three-wheeled cargo car. This car is going to be the first one to have dual functionality. Tell us anything you know about the Hero Surge S32’s launch date and price in India.

The Hero Surge S32’s expected price in India 

Hero Surge S32 is also referred to as a two-in-one vehicle. For your information, this vehicle can be utilized in a variety of methods with ease. Regarding the Hero Surge S32 Price In India, Hero Surge has not yet provided any details on this vehicle’s cost. However, some media sources claim that this electric vehicle may cost as much as Rs 3,00,000 or possibly more. 

The anticipated launch date of the Hero Surge S32 in India

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Hero Surge S32 is a multipurpose electric vehicle that is convertible. Hero World 2024 in India featured the Hero Surge S32. Regarding the Hero Surge S32 debut Date in India, Hero has not provided any information on the debut date as of now.

Hero Surge S32 Configuration 

It is simple to convert the Hero Surge S32 from a two-wheeler to a three-wheeler. In terms of design, the Hero Surge S32 is a futuristic-looking electric car that is rather different from other types. 

This vehicle may be separated into two halves. The cargo has a fairly straightforward and distinctive design, and the Hero Surge S32 electric scooter is a very appealing addition to the vehicle’s overall appearance. As. 

Users can use Surge S32 whichever best suits their needs; for example, it can be used as cargo if someone needs to load up and transport items, or it can be used as a scooter. If so, using this car as an electric scooter is also quite simple. 

Hero S32 Power Source 

Speaking of the Hero Surge S32 Battery, this car has two distinct batteries. We would like to inform you that this convertible electric vehicle has a separate battery in the cargo area, as well as a separate battery in the electric scooter. When it comes to the battery of this electric vehicle, we can see that the three-wheeled freight has an 11-kW battery and the two-wheeled electric scooter has a 3.5-kW battery. 

Hero Surge S32 Power & Perception 

The Hero Surge S32 is a completely new car with an extremely distinctive design that will be released onto the market. There are two modes on this scooter: scooter mode and cargo mode. When it comes to range, this electric vehicle can travel up to 60 kilometers in its scooter mode, which is powered by a 3 KW engine. 

If we discuss the electric vehicle’s cargo mode, we discover that it has a 10 KW motor. In terms of this electric vehicle’s range, we can see that it can travel up to 50 kilometers on a single charge. We would like to inform you that there is plenty of room in the cargo for your bags. 

Hero Surge S32 EV Technical Details 

Vehicle NameHero Surge S32
Hero Surge S32 Price In India 2 Lakhs To 3 Lakhs Rupees (Estimated)
Category 2 1 Convertible EV
ModeElectric ScooterCargo Mode 
Battery 11 KW (Cargo), 3.5 KW (Electric Scooter)
Motor 10 KW (cargo mode) and 3 KW (electric scooter) motors
Launch Date Not Confirmed 
Features Bluetooth connectivity, LED headlights, a digital instrument cluster, and a reverse gear
RivalsAt Present No Rivals 

Features of the Hero Surge S32 

Speaking of the Hero Surge S32 Vehicle’s capabilities, there are a lot of cutting-edge features available. This vehicle has two uses. Firstly, it can be used just like a regular electric scooter. Second, if necessary, we may also utilize this car as a cargo transport. 

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In just three minutes, you can convert this two-wheeled vehicle to a three-wheeled cargo truck. In addition to the LED headlights, reverse gear, and digital instrument cluster, this car has a large cargo area that lets you load up a lot of stuff. We would like to inform you that this vehicle has a 400 kg weight capacity when in cargo mode. 

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