Proceed with Caution: Unveiling the 2 Maruti Cars That Aren’t a Smart Choice

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The Maruti Suzuki Swift, sometimes known as the Desi Mini Cooper, is one of the most popular hatchback vehicles in India. With a powerful 1.2-liter petrol engine, it is built on the Heartech platform. The Dzire is Maruti’s sedan counterpart of the Swift hatchback. It is just as good as the Swift hatchback but with a more useful trunk capacity. Even though these two cars are well-liked in India, we advise against purchasing them. Why? Our claim has one such compelling basis.


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At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2023, Maruti Suzuki displayed a wide range of concept vehicles. Among them was our cherished Maruti Swift 2024! Why not 2024? Maruti is prepared to introduce the next-generation Maruti Swift! Maruti debuted the new generation Swift at the 2023 Tokyo Motor Show, where it was shown off with an updated feature list in addition to a redesigned exterior and interior. A brand-new 1.2-liter Z-series petrol engine will also be included with the new generation Swift! All of these modifications will also be seen on the Dzire sedan.

Pretty exciting, huh? Even more intriguing is the fact that the Dzire and the new Maruti Swift are probably going to be released in March 2024. The hatchback, which appears to be ready for production, has been observed numerous times in India. So stay tuned as we share all of the information that is currently available about the Maruti Swift and Maruti Dzire for 2024.  

New Maruti Swift & Dzire – Design 

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The 2023 Tokyo Motor Show will feature an improved design for the all-new Maruti Swift. A good thing to note is that Maruti hasn’t experimented too much with the external design by maintaining the same general silhouette as the existing model. Indians adore the design, and we are grateful that it will continue to be preserved. Still, the front and back bumpers of the 2017 Swift will be revised. It gains blacked-out headlamps with a small alteration to the design. It also receives a noticeable bonnet line, which now resembles a clamshell bonnet.

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Except for two new modifications, the side profile is essentially unchanged. First off, the 2017 Swift will have brand-new alloy wheels, just like any previous facelift. The back door handle placement is another significant modification. As everyone is aware, the rear door handles on the present model were pillar mounted, and starting in 2024, they have been fixed to the doors. Because of the rear quarter glass, the cabin feels less cramped now. Additionally, the back has revised LED tail lamps with transparent glass as opposed to the existing model’s red. How is the Dzire doing? Although Maruti hasn’t yet unveiled the Dzire, anticipate a similar response.

Interior and Features

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The 2024 Maruti Swift will have a revised dashboard design on the interior. A 9.0-inch touchscreen panel in the floating design now takes center stage on the dashboard. The horizontal AC vents, which have a more modern appearance, have replaced the circular ones. On the other hand, the steering wheel appears the same. The new interior color scheme of black and white is another obvious modification.

About features, the new Swift will have a 9.0-inch touchscreen display that supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Additionally, it has ADAS, a 360-degree camera, heated seats, an electronic parking brake with auto hold, and Suzuki may add six airbags to further improve safety. However, whether or if the India requirement includes the ADAS is something to consider. Additionally, as shown on the Indian test vehicle, the new Swift will have a blind view monitor. Expect all these modifications, along with a comparable feature list, for Dzire.

New Maruti Swift – Specifications 

The new Z-series petrol engine will power the 2024 Maruti Swift and the new Dzire. It is a three-cylinder, 1.2-liter engine that generates 108 Nm of torque and 80 horsepower. This new engine has 5 Nm less torque and 8 less horsepower. On the other hand, Suzuki promises that the efficiency and torque of this new engine will be much improved. Additionally, Suzuki sells a mildly hybridized Swift in Japan that boosts output from pure fuel to about 3bhp and 60Nm of torque thanks to a DC motor. The mild-hybrid version’s efficiency figure is 24.5 kmpl, whilst the normal version is 23.4 kmpl. Whether Maruti introduces the mild hybrid configuration to India is still up in the air. 


Expect price increases ranging from Rs 80k to Rs 1 lakh, depending on the variation. Swift’s current price ranges from Rs 7.03 lakh to Rs 10.50 lakh (on-road, Mumbai). On the other hand, the Dzire’s on-road price in Mumbai ranges from Rs 7.65 lakh to Rs 10.94 lakh. In light of all these modifications and the impending debut, it makes sense to wait for the new Maruti Swift and Dzire!

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