The Fight for Supremacy: Rs 12 Lakh Hyundai Ertiga Rival Revealed

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The Ertiga has dominated the market for reasonably priced 7-seaters. It has succeeded in maintaining an advantage over rivals such as Kia Carens and Renault Triber. While the Carens did start with a lot of promise, in recent months its sales have plateaued. Why can’t Hyundai give it a shot if Kia is allowed to? Stargazer is already sold all over the world by the Korean company. Will they then export it to India? Let’s discuss this Hyundai MPV, which costs Rs 12 lakh. 


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Although the Stargazer’s look seems peculiar, it was influenced by the considerably more expensive Staria. The brand’s parametric jewel grille design and bonnet-wide DRL with LED headlamps are located up front. The Stargazer resembles a scaled-down Tata Aria when viewed from the side profile. Connected tail lamps at the back finish the design. 

Rs 12 lakh Hyundai MPV – Specifications

The 1.5-liter naturally aspirated petrol engine that powers the Stargazer is available worldwide. In India, these vehicles are equipped with the identical engine. Hyundai may provide 1.5-liter diesel and 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine options for the Stargazer in India in addition to this powertrain. Numerous gearbox choices, including a manual, iMT, torque converter, and DCT gearbox, are anticipated. 


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The Stargazer is not the most feature-rich car, as features are not highly valued in Southeast Asian nations. It has a straightforward dashboard design with floating infotainment to offer a contemporary touch. It has features including wireless charging, ADAS, digital instrument cluster, roof-mounted AC vents, and linked car technologies. We may anticipate additional luxuries like a sunroof, ventilated seats, ambient lighting, etc. if the Stargazer makes its way to India.

Rs 12 lakh Hyundai MPV – India launch

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Hyundai has not disclosed many details about its intentions for the Stargazer in India. Hyundai has a lovely little window of opportunity to launch the Stargazer between the Rs 10 lakh and Rs 20 lakh mark, given that the Alcazar is priced from Rs 20 lakh. Carens’ sales should boost Hyundai because the company has more touch points and more potential for success. In the upcoming years, Hyundai should introduce the Stargazer to India. 

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