Get Ready for the Ultimate Family Car: Toyota’s 7-Seater RS 20 Lakh Edition

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Toyota’s Innova and Hycross vehicles dominate the seven-seater market. By badge engineering the Ertiga as Rumion, it has pioneered the inexpensive segment. However, what about the space that remains between Crysta and Rumion? Toyota intends to launch a brand-new product to close this gap. What is this seven-seater, Rs 20 lakh? Let’s discuss it.

Hyryder 7-seater

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It was well known that Maruti was developing a seven-seater based on the Grand Vitara, but there was some uncertainty over whether Toyota would follow suit with a seven-seater based on the Hyryder. There will also be a seven-seater based on the Hyryder, according to recent reports. Maruti will produce the seven-seater and supply it to Toyota. This new SUV will compete with vehicles such as the Mahindra XUV700, Tata Safari, and Hyundai Alcazar. 

20 lakh 7-seater – What could be different?

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Maruti’s Global C platform will continue to serve as the foundation for the Hyryder 7-seater. We can anticipate that its length will grow to fit the additional rows in terms of dimensions. The other measurements including the wheelbase need to stay the same. Expect some adjustments to offer a layer of distinction in terms of design. It may have rain-sensing wipers, front parking sensors, rear sun shades, ADAS, and other features. 

20 lakh 7-seater – Specifications

The parameters for this seven-seater should be comparable to those of the Hyryder. Thus, the 1.5-liter petrol engine with natural aspiration and the 1.5-liter powerful hybrid engine will continue. Where to put the battery pack is one of the biggest problems Maruti and Toyota must solve. Because of the third row, it now encroaches on boot space, thus both companies will need to find a substitute.

What else is Toyota planning? 

Shortly, Toyota intends to introduce three new SUV models. One is the rebranded Fronx, which should be available this year. Subsequently, the aforementioned Hyryder 7-seater was visible. A brand-new SUV built on the worldwide Corolla Cross will be the third SUV. Though it will cost less than the Hycross, the Corolla Cross will offer additional features seen in an SUV. Anticipated for release in 2025 are a 7-seater Corolla Cross-based vehicle and Toyota’s first electric vehicle. 

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