Tata Nexon CNG: Release Date and Price Details Finally Announced

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Date of India’s Tata Nexon CNG Launch & Price – In India, the Tata company’s automobiles are highly favored, particularly the Nexon model. The Tata firm will soon introduce the Tata Nexon CNG version in India. In February of 2024, the India Mobility Expo (2024) will feature a display of Tata Nexon. 

Speaking of the Tata Nexon CNG, this vehicle has excellent boot space according to Tata. When it comes to this car’s design, the Tata Nexon CNG will resemble the ICE version of the Nexon in certain ways. There are two CNG cylinders visible beneath the car’s boot. Please let us know the Indian launch date and price for the Tata Nexon CNG.

Tata Nexon CNG Launch Date In India 

The Tata Nexon CNG was much anticipated, but there’s no need to wait much longer as Tata plans to release this vehicle on the market shortly. Regarding the debut date of the Tata Nexon CNG in India, Tata has not yet provided any information on this date. This vehicle will be on display during the February 2024 India Mobility Expo. If certain media claims are accurate, this vehicle might be introduced in India by the middle of 2024. 

The expected price of the Tata Nexon CNG in India

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In regards to the Tata Nexon CNG Price in India, Tata has not disclosed this information; nonetheless, certain media reports state that the car’s price in India is Rs 8 lakh. It might be approximately Rs 8 lakh fifty thousand.

Tata Nexon CNG Specifications 

Car NameTata Nexon CNG
Category Compact SUV
Tata Nexon CNG Date In IndiaJune 2024 To July 2024 (Expected)
Tata Nexon CNG Price In India8 Lakh To 8.5 Lakh Rupees (Expected)
Features Touchscreen Infotainment System, Automatic Climate Control, Cruise Control
Engine 1.2L Turbo Petrol CNG (expected)
Safety Features Dual Airbags, ABS, EBD, Corner Stability Control 

Tata Nexon CNG Design

The Tata Nexon CNG 2024 is a CNG-powered SUV. Regarding the Tata Nexon CNG design, Tata has not yet released any details about it; nonetheless, this vehicle’s style may resemble the Tata Nexon ICE in several ways.

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Excellent boot capacity is visible in this Tata Nexon CNG 2024 vehicle. Though it’s not verified, some sources suggest that this CNG car will come equipped with a digital instrument cluster, automated climate control, and a panoramic sunroof, among other Tata amenities. 

Tata Nexon CNG Engine 

The Tata Nexon CNG is a small SUV. Tata Motors has not disclosed any details regarding the engine of this vehicle, but if rumors in the media are to be trusted, it will use a 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine. is available and may include a CNG kit. This engine can produce 140 Nm of torque in addition to 110 PS of power. Additionally, this vehicle has a manual gearbox. 

Tata Nexon CNG Features 

Speaking of Tata Nexon CNG features, this vehicle has a lot of Tata features. Speaking of some of the features, this vehicle has several Tata Motors features, including a touchscreen infotainment system, automatic climate control, and cruise control. Speaking of some of the safety features, this vehicle has There are also numerous safety features visible, including Dual Airbags, ABS, EBD, and Corner Stability Control. 

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