Demystifying Kia Seltos Diesel Manual: Price, Features & Performance Explored

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With its remarkable fuel economy and strong performance, the Kia Seltos Diesel Manual is a game-changer in the SUV market. I’m an experienced automotive professional, and I’m here to give you a detailed review of this outstanding car. The diesel manual version is a great option for both city commuters and driving enthusiasts due to its seamless gear changes and exceptional power delivery.

With its unique combination of current technology, style, and utility, the Kia Seltos Diesel Manual raises the bar for SUVs in the market today. Anticipate in-depth analyses of its driving dynamics, safety features, interior comfort features, design aspects, and overall value proposition in this review. Fasten your seatbelts as we examine all the details to assist you in making a well-informed choice regarding purchasing this exceptional car.

Kia Seltos Diesel Manual Price

The impressive 1.5-liter CRDi VGT engine of the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT, which retails for Rs. 13.60 lakh, produces 114 horsepower at 4000 rpm and 250 Nm of torque between 1500 and 2750 rpm.

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With its clutchless manual (IMT) gearbox, it promises the driver a smooth ride and lower emissions because of the BS6 Phase 2 standard.

Kia Seltos Diesel Manual Overview

ModelKia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT
Engine1493cc, DOHC, 4 Inline Cylinders, 4 Valves/Cylinder
Engine Type1.5l CRDi VGT
Fuel TypeDiesel
Max Power114 bhp @ 4000 rpm
Max Torque250 Nm @ 1500-2750 rpm
Mileage (ARAI)20.7 kmpl
Driving Range1035 Km
TransmissionClutchless Manual (IMT) – 6 Gears
Emission StandardBS6 Phase 2
Electric MotorNo
Idle Start/StopYes
Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 13.60 Lakh
Available ColorsGravity Grey, N/A

Kia Seltos Diesel Performance, Range & Price

A potent 1493 cc, 4-cylinder inline engine that produces an amazing 114 bhp at 4000 rpm and a maximum torque of 250 Nm in a broad range of 1500-2750 rpm powers the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT automobiles. With a driving range of up to 1035 kilometers on a full tank and a fuel efficiency of 20.7 km/l, this diesel-powered SUV offers exceptional fuel economy.

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The Kia Seltos HTK’s six-speed clutchless manual (IMT) gearbox system guarantees easy gear changes and a seamless driving experience for drivers on a variety of road conditions. Improved power delivery is provided by its turbocharged engine without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

Because it complies with the BS6 Phase 2 emission standard, the Kia Seltos HTK Diesel iMT is an excellent option for people who care about the environment. The idle start/stop function of cars helps to improve fuel efficiency and lower pollution by automatically turning off the engine when the vehicle is parked.

With its advanced features and strong performance, this Seltos variant, priced at Rs. 13.60 lakh (ex-showroom), offers exceptional value for money. Some of the advanced features include rear parking sensors, driver airbags, ABS with EBD, projector fog lamps, LED DRLs, electrically adjustable ORVMs with turn indicators, and more.

Engine and Performance

With its powerful 1493 cc, 4-cylinder inline DOHC engine, the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT offers remarkable performance on the road. With an amazing 114 horsepower at 4000 rpm and 250 Nm of torque between 1500 and 2750 rpm, the turbocharged engine guarantees an exhilarating driving experience with enough power for different driving scenarios.

The Seltos diesel manual offers responsive and effective performance on various terrains thanks to its cutting-edge engine technology. This car provides a comfortable and enjoyable ride while being fuel-efficient, whether you’re driving on the highway or in urban traffic.

Fuel Efficiency and Range

With its economical price and remarkable ARAI-rated mileage of 20.7 kmpl, the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT is an economical option for long-distance driving. Drivers can enjoy the ease of longer trips without having to make frequent stops for refueling thanks to this great fuel economy.

In addition, the Seltos diesel manual has an amazing driving range of up to 1035 kilometers on a full tank, giving drivers peace of mind on lengthy journeys when petrol stations can be few. The Seltos is a great choice for people who frequently take road trips or have long commutes because of its wide range.

An additional factor in the Seltos diesel manual’s exceptional fuel efficiency is the idle start/stop function. This feature is environmentally friendly since it automatically turns off the engine while it is idling and restarts it when necessary. It also saves fuel and lowers pollution.

Transmission and Drivetrain

The Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT’s 6-speed clutchless manual (IMT) gearbox offers smooth gear changes for a hassle-free driving experience.

Its front-wheel-drive (FWD) system guarantees control and stability, particularly on rough terrain.

The Seltos diesel manual’s unique motor and gearbox combine to improve handling and overall performance.

Emission Standards and Sustainability

Because it complies with BS6 Phase 2 emission norms, the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT guarantees a lower environmental effect without sacrificing performance. This indicates that the car complies with strict laws, improving the environment without sacrificing its driving quality.

The Seltos diesel manual’s idle start/stop capability not only satisfies these stringent pollution criteria but also adds to its ecological credentials by cutting emissions during idling. Customers who care about the environment will choose this option since it supports environmentally responsible driving habits.

Price and Variants

With performance-focused features and a price tag of Rs. 13.60 Lakh (ex-showroom), the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT is an excellent value.

The Seltos variation caters to drivers who want a balance between control and convenience and is only available with a clutchless manual (IMT) gearbox.

The Seltos diesel manual has six color options, including Gravity Grey, so customers can customize the look to suit their preferences.

Kia Seltos Diesel Buying Guide

The Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT is a very attractive option for potential purchasers because of its affordable pricing and powerful yet fuel-efficient engine, which make it ideal for both short trips and regular commutes. Smooth and strong driving is ensured by the 1.5l CRDi VGT engine, which produces a remarkable torque of 250 Nm @ 1500-2750 rpm and a sturdy 114 horsepower @ 4000 rpm.

The clutchless manual (IMT) gearbox in the Seltos diesel provides a distinctive driving experience by fusing the engagement of manual shifting with the simplicity of automation. This unique function makes shifting gears easier for drivers by removing the need to manually engage the clutch. This makes driving through congested cities or on open roads much more comfortable.

When thinking about the Seltos diesel manual, prospective buyers might investigate customization choices through the different color combinations. Customers have plenty of options to suit their tastes and styles thanks to the six vivid colors, which include Gravity Grey, Intense Red, Steel Silver, Aurora Black Pearl, Glacier White Pearl, and Intelligence Blue, among others.


The Kia Seltos diesel manual presents an attractive blend of affordability, fuel efficiency, performance, and sustainability. This car offers a quick and seamless driving experience because of its powerful engine, which has exceptional power and torque figures, as well as sophisticated gearbox and drivetrain options. For lengthy trips or regular commutes, the great fuel efficiency and increased range make it a sensible option. Furthermore, Kia’s dedication to environmental sustainability is demonstrated by its adherence to strict emission requirements.

The Kia Seltos makes a compelling case for buyers looking for a diesel manual SUV that delivers excellent performance and environmental friendliness. This vehicle stands out in its category due to its versatility and dependability, whether it is used for off-road exploration or urban activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key features of the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT?

Ans. The 1493cc CRDi VGT engine, six-gear clutchless manual gearbox (IMT), BS6 Phase 2 emission standard compliance, and idle start/stop function for improved fuel efficiency are all features of the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT.

Q: What is the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT’s driving range and fuel efficiency?

Ans. According to ARAI testing standards, the Kia Seltos HTK 1.5 Diesel iMT has a mileage of 20.7 kmpl and a driving range of roughly 1035 kilometers on a full tank.

Q: How does the Kia Seltos HTK diesel variant’s gearbox operate?

Ans. With six gears and a clutchless manual (IMT) transmission system, the Kia Seltos HTK diesel model provides seamless gear shifts without frequently necessitating the usage of a conventional clutch pedal.

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