Shine Brighter for Less: Kia Seltos, Sonet & Carens Boast Lowest Maintenance Costs

A recent Frost & Sullivan study carried out in India highlights the Kia Seltos, Sonet, and Carens as having the lowest maintenance costs within their respective segments.

Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos: The latest Total Cost of Ownership Benchmark analysis from renowned Indian growth advisory firm Frost & Sullivan highlights the Seltos and Carens, two of Kia Seltos best-selling models. The research establishes a standard in their respective markets by showcasing these cars’ remarkably low maintenance costs for both diesel and petrol versions.

The research results indicate that the Kia Seltos Carens has emerged as the market leader in the family mover segment. Its petrol and diesel variants have the lowest maintenance costs, with savings of 21% and 26%, respectively. The Kia Carens diesel models are the most affordable to buy, making them an excellent choice for modern consumers who want affordability without sacrificing quality.

The Carens diesel further cemented its position as one of the best family car options with an appealing value proposition by trailing the segment’s best performer in minimising fuel expenses. Frost & Sullivan also emphasised that the Seltos, Kia Seltos best-selling model, has the lowest maintenance costs for its petrol versions, saving consumers at least 17% over the industry average.

Kia Seltos
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The diesel versions also have the lowest maintenance costs when compared to another segment leader. With the second-best total cost of ownership (TCO) for its diesel variant and the third-best TCO for its petrol variant, the Seltos lags behind the best-performing vehicles in the segment.

The company added that the Sonet has the lowest maintenance costs among small SUVs in December 2023. The study states that the maintenance costs of Sonet’s petrol and diesel versions are, respectively, 16% and 14% lower than the segment average. According to Kia India’s National Head of Sales and Marketing, Hardeep Singh Brar,

We are overjoyed to have been named by Frost & Sullivan as the provider of one of the best value-for-money mobility solutions for modern consumers. With their premium quality, unrivalled maintenance, and lowest residual costs in their respective segments, Kias are an investment for the future as well as a smart choice for the present.

The research done by Frost and Sullivan clearly shows that Kia models are among the best-value items in their respective markets. Kia’s commitment to offering best-in-class products with superior quality, design, and technology, along with excellent after-sales support, is further supported by the survey results. With this dedication, Kia is guaranteed to remain a reliable option for consumers looking for great value when making purchases. 

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