The Evolution of Trucks: 2024 Volkswagen’s Car Truck Electric Pickup Truck

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Volkswagen’s Car Truck: The marketing for Volkswagen’s Car Truck in this year’s Super Bowl commercial demonstrated how it taps into the nostalgia for little cars. Although Beetles might win people over, the current lineup has become more expansive and crossover-focused to cater to American interests.

The introduction of a pickup truck in the US has been Volkswagen’s Car Truck’s next frontier, one that the company has long been experimenting with. Additionally, a Wards Auto article claims that Volkswagen has resumed its sporadic attempts to introduce a truck in the United States.

This is the current state of our knowledge regarding the Volkswagen Car Truck pickup truck.

Volkswagen’s Car Truck is designing an all-electric pickup truck

The Volkswagen’s car truck ideas that had been abandoned were for an internal combustion pickup based on the Atlas, according to Wards Auto. But the vehicle that the Volkswagen car truck is now developing will have two motors and be an EV. The sturdy ladder frame platform it will use is the same one used by Scout Motors’ new pickup. It will have the ability to do a tank turn, torque vectoring, and permanent all-wheel drive.

The Volkswagen car truck appears to be a full-size truck

Naturally, VW hasn’t disclosed the new truck’s dimensions because the company hasn’t even officially announced it yet. However, the truck will be bigger than the Rivian R1T, according to Wards Auto.

When will the Volkswagen car truck pickup truck arrive?

Most likely it won’t happen soon. According to Wards Auto, the car is still in the “early stage of design development.” In the second half of 2026, dealers will begin to receive the Scout pickup, which will premiere later this year. After that, probably, the Volkswagen car truck would arrive.

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How much will the Volkswagen car truck cost?

Scout is allegedly aiming for a less expensive truck that falls between $40,000 and $70,000. Although it’s unknown how VW would position the vehicle to set it out from Scout’s offering, it might cost more to make a noticeable difference between the two pickups.

According to the article, VW intends to assemble the truck at the same South Carolina plant that makes Scout’s cars, but batteries are anticipated to come from a recently opened plant in Canada. According to the existing guidance, VW’s vehicle would therefore qualify for the $7,500 tax credit.

Volkswagen car truck Rivals

Competitors Together with Volkswagen car trucks, Kia, and Hyundai are getting ready to join the EV pickup market. Furthermore, if rumors about them are to be believed, Toyota might be developing three electric trucks: a full-size EV truck, a mid-size EV Tacoma, and a competitive Maverick vehicle based on the EPU idea.

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