The Maruti ertiga’s Perfect Match: The Impending Rivalry

Maruti ertiga’s: There is a certain monopoly that the Maruti Ertiga has over the reasonably priced 7-seater market. The release of Carens hurt sales, but not significantly. Maruti outsold all competitors with 14,352 sales of the Ertiga in July. We are now discussing a different seven-seater that has the potential to challenge the Ertiga. It’s the Renault Jogger, not the Hyundai Stargazer. Let us discuss Renault Jogger India in today’s article. 

Design of Maruti Ertiga’s

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In Europe, Renault distributes the Jogger through its Dacia division. In 2022, the Jogger underwent a small redesign. The car has a fairly contemporary appearance thanks to the grille modifications to fit the new emblem. For a seven-seater SUV, the Jogger appears sturdy overall. Additional external features include 16-inch alloy wheels, front and rear skid plates, functional roof rails, and protection for the wheel arches. 

Renault Jogger India – Interior design

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The second-generation Duster offered in Europe and the Jogger have similar interior designs. Additionally, Nissan Magnite’s smirk is present in this design. The floating infotainment system and the dashboard’s contrasting hue give it a high-end appearance in the center. There are six and seven-seater versions of the Jogger available. 


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Dacia updated the Jogger with a new 1.6-liter mild hybrid petrol engine. With two speeds linked to the engine and two to the electric gearbox, this engine can generate 104 horsepower. It also includes a 4-speed automatic electric transmission. A 1.0-liter turbo engine with an LPG alternative is the second engine option. The Jogger may be imported to India equipped with the Kiger’s 1.0-liter turbocharged engine. 


The Jogger has all the features that are needed in a seven-seater in Europe. Six airbags, a sizable infotainment system, cruise controls, USB connections in every row, and AC controls are included in the second and third rows. Active safety features including park assist, blind-spot detection, and emergency brake assistance are also included. 

Renault Jogger India – India plans

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Regarding whether it will be introducing the Jogger to India, Renault has remained silent. Renault has mentioned a new seven-seater, although it may be a more expensive and larger version of the 2017 Duster. Given how poorly its Triber is performing as well, perhaps Renault ought to consider introducing the Jogger to India. 

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