Green Revolution: Maruti Suzuki Unveils 2 New Hybrid Beauties

The new-generation Swift hatchback and its sedan twin, the new-generation Dzire, are the two hybrid vehicles that Maruti Suzuki plans to introduce this year, or in 2024.

Maruti Suzuki: India’s top automaker, Maruti Suzuki, is aiming for a more environmentally friendly future. The company is leading the market for alternative fuel vehicles even though it still controls the petrol and diesel car segments. In an effort to meet the rising demand for environmentally and fuel-efficiently friendly vehicles, Maruti Suzuki is preparing to introduce two new hybrid models in India this year.

Next-generation Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid

With the release of its hybrid variant, the venerable Maruti Suzuki Swift—a consistent best-seller in India—is getting the much-needed update. The new Swift is anticipated to go on sale in the upcoming months after being spotted testing on Indian roadways. This five-seater hatchback will have improved features for a more upscale feel than its predecessor, along with subtle but noticeable exterior updates.

Maruti Suzuki
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The new Swift’s flagship feature is its 1.2L Z-series three-cylinder petrol engine, which comes with mild-hybrid and strong-hybrid options. While maintaining the driving experience that Swift enthusiasts have grown to love, these engine options promise increased fuel efficiency. To accommodate a range of driving styles, the engine will be offered with both manual and automatic gearbox options.

Next-generation Maruti Dzire Hybrid

The Swift’s sedan equivalent, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, is the next generation vehicle that goes with it. With a longer boot, the new Dzire will resemble the new Swift in terms of both exterior and interior design. The list of features will remain the same, with a 9-inch touchscreen instrument panel, 16-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, a 360-degree camera, and additional features.

Maruti Suzuki
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The new Dzire will be mechanically identical to its hatchback counterpart. There will be strong- and mild-hybrid drivetrain options available. With the introduction of these two models this year, Maruti Suzuki hopes to capture the Indian market by fusing performance, style, and environmental awareness in a way that is harmonious.

Expanding the Hybrid Portfolio

Maruti Suzuki is stepping up its efforts to provide a greater selection of hybrid cars with the impending introduction of the Swift and Dzire hybrids. In addition to these, the business intends to launch a potent hybrid Fronx in India in 2025. The Grand Vitara and the Invicto are two models in the company’s hybrid lineup that offer customers choices in a variety of market segments.

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