Understanding the Implications of Tesla Y 2024 March Pricing Changes

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Tesla Y 2024: The price of the RWD and Long Range AWD versions of the Tesla Model Y went up by $1,000, going back to what they were a few weeks prior (between February 11 and February 29).

The most popular all-electric car model in the United States is available starting on March 1 for $43,990 (RWD version) and $48,490 (Long Range AWD version), before mandatory fees and a $7,500 federal tax credit. Following the deduction of fees and incentives, the effective minimum cost comes to $38,130 and $43,130, respectively.

 Tesla Y 2024 prices:

  • RWD: $43,990, up from $42,990 by $1,000, or 2.3%.
  • Extended Range AWD: $48,490, up $2,1% or $1,000 from $47,490
  •  Performance: $52,490 (no change)

Two out of the three Tesla Model Y versions saw a brief $1,000 price cut; on March 1, Tesla declared that the price would increase by $1,000 “or more”.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, claims that the reason for the time-limited adjustment was to draw in more consumers during a time when demand is lower since the factory is most effective at manufacturing a steady supply of cars: Tesla is providing a $1000 incentive to purchase a car, even if the majority of people dislike doing so in the dead of winter. The fundamental conundrum facing the manufacturing industry is this: while factories require constant output to operate efficiently, customer demand varies seasonally.”

To us, it’s just more evidence that the business is proactively adjusting prices to strike the best possible balance between supply and demand.

Recall that the new Model Ys (all three types) are expected to be delivered in March, meaning that special orders placed in the United States will be fulfilled in a matter of weeks.

Furthermore, we are aware that Tesla does not anticipate rapid growth in 2024. If demand declines, additional price reductions may be anticipated.

Tesla Y 2024 prices:

ModelBase PriceDest. ChargeTax CreditEffective Price
Tesla Y 2024 RWD 19-in$43,990+$1,640$7,500$38,130
Tesla Y 2024 RWD 20-in$45,990+$1,640$7,500$40,130
Tesla Y 2024 Long Range AWD 19-in$48,990+$1,640$7,500$43,130
Tesla Y 2024 Long Range AWD 20-in$50,990+$1,640$7,500$45,130
Tesla Y 2024  Perf. LR AWD 21-in$52,490+$1,640$7,500$46,630

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