Only 18 Examples of the World’s First Car With 3D-Printed Gold Parts will Be Used

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Gold has been a component of decorations since the dawn of civilization. As a result, it is highly valuable and frequently linked to wealth and opulence.

Gold can also be used in a variety of ways; in instance, the McLaren F1 supercar’s engine compartment is lined with gold. In light of this, the Bentley MullinerBatur uses gold in unprecedented quantities.

The Bentley MullinerBatur is the first vehicle in the world to incorporate 3D-printed gold components, according to the specifics. In reality, the Bentley MullinerBatur uses additive manufacturing (AM) and includes 210 grammes of 18-carat gold. Furthermore, there are just 18 specimens of the coach-built coupe available. The engineers and designers at Bentley meticulously placed this 3D-printed gold to all the major touchpoints a driver would touch more frequently than others, so it is not only restricted to one section or a specific surface. These 3D-printed gold components also help to raise the interior.

Speaking of the Bentley MullinerBatur’s 3D-printed components, the Charisma Dial, which appears to encircle the start/stop button and is also used to switch drive modes, is the component that stands out the most at first glance. It is made of 3D-printed gold. The renowned Organ Stop vent controls from Bentley have also been covered in gold.

The British automaker collaborated with Birmingham, England’s Cooksongold goldsmiths to create the 3D-printed gold components. Additionally, Bentley asserts that all of the gold components in the coupe were created using CAD models for extreme precision and then manufactured using laser melting printers.

These 3D-printed gold components are also hand-finished by talented artisan jewellers utilising time-honored methods to achieve exceptional finishing. It’s also important to note that all of the gold utilised to create the 3D-printed components for the Bentley MullinerBatur came from jewellery that had been completely recycled.

Observations Regarding Bentley MullinerBatur With only 18 units produced, the Bentley MullinerBatur is one of the most rare automobiles ever. Because of this, introducing “a world-first” makes more of an impression on its users. Despite this, all 18 of the Bentley MullinerBatur’s intended units have already been reserved, and some of these clients also already own other Mulliner vehicles.

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