Comparing Pulsar NS400 and Dominar 400: Which is the Better Investment?

Read this post if you’re not sure if you should get the Dominar 400 or hold off until the next Pulsar NS400.

Pulsar NS400: Prior to the introduction of the Harley Davidson X440 and the Triumph 400 twins, your options for a sporty motorcycle in the 300–400cc price range were somewhat restricted. Even though these are excellent motorbikes, there are still too many unanswered concerns regarding replacement parts and after-sale support, and it is too soon to declare them reliable.

Thus, the Bajaj Dominar 400 and the Apache RTR 310 are your only choices if you’re a little sceptical. Thankfully, Bajaj has plans to introduce the Bajaj Pulsar NS400 to its 400cc lineup. In this piece, we compare the NS400 to the Bajaj Dominar 400, which is the bike’s closest competitor from the same stable.

Bajaj Dominar 400

Pulsar NS400
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Since its introduction, the Dominar 400 has served as Bajaj’s flagship motorcycle. It meets all the requirements to demonstrate its worth as a sports tourer. Starting with the potent 373cc KTM Duke 390 engine that has been tuned to 40 horsepower, to the design that comes equipped with a windscreen, knuckle guards, and a tail rack as standard. The Dominar, a sports tourer, was designed primarily to take on the slower and less powerful Royal Enfield motorcycles.

The 193kg curb weight, which is on the heavier side, is the Dominar 400’s weak point. Although this makes it easy to maintain triple-digit speeds on highways, it is problematic in cities because of its weight, which prevents it from being as flickable as a sporty naked.

Bajaj Pulsar NS400 (Or N400)

Pulsar NS400
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Let me introduce you to the Pulsar NS400, a street naked that will weigh less and flickable more than the Dominar 400. We can confirm that, in keeping with its NS heritage, the engine will be significantly lighter and more manageable, even though we are unsure of the engine configuration and outputs. To make it an excellent handling vehicle, the chassis will be adjusted in light of the knowledge gained from both Bajaj and KTM bikes.

The NS400 might come equipped with the same digital instrument console as the recently released Pulsar N150, N160, and NS200. Compared to the Dominar400, which is currently retailing for Rs 2,29,781 (ex-showroom), the NS400 is anticipated to be significantly less expensive.

Returning to the original question of which to choose between the Dominar 400 and the Pulsar NS400, the information presented above suggests that if you are searching for a reasonably priced and comfortable tourer to visit as many places as possible, the Dominar 400 makes more sense. However, if you are looking for a sporty, flickable street naked with good power and handling, you would be better off waiting for the Pulsar NS400 to launch (probably in Q2 2024) before making your purchase.

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