Ola Scooter’s Range Advantage: Defying Expectations

Ola Scooters: Although Ola is well-known to the general public for being a ride-hailing service, this brand is about to explore new ground: electric vehicles. Ola Electric, the brand’s own vertical, will be devoted to this project. An electric scooter will be the first thing we get to see. A few months ago, there wasn’t a lot of reliable information accessible on the development of this scooter.

Nonetheless, the company has been swift in releasing information on its plant (Futurefactory), charging network (Hypercharger), and product (Ola Scooter) in recent months. We will talk about the product’s potential in today’s report, based on the latest information disclosed or leaked. The scooter’s features, design, functionality, range, and availability will all be covered in this article.

What is the Ola scooter?

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Etergo BV, an Amsterdam-based producer of electric two-wheelers, was purchased by Ola last year. 2014 saw the founding of Etergo. In 2018, the company developed a scooter prototype that became known as the “AppScooter.” This scooter gained a lot of popularity in Europe thanks to its minimalist style, best-in-class features, and creative battery pack architecture, which produced the largest boot storage capacity in the segment. Even the “2020 German Design Award” was given to the scooter.

Additionally, AppScooter was the first electric scooter in the world to run Android apps thanks to built-in navigation and 4G connectivity. By acquiring Etergo, Ola is now able to use and modify the scooter according to its objectives and market priorities in light of the current circumstances.

Ola scooter design & range

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We can infer from the teaser that Ola has mostly kept the Etergo AppScooter’s design. The scooter will have two LED headlamps with a rectangular LED DRL encircling them. The overall elegant yet simple appearance is reminiscent of the Vespa. Twelve-inch tires are what we anticipate for both the front and the back. Regarding the suspension configuration, telescopic suspension up front and mono-shock at the back are anticipated. The spy photos also reveal that Ola will sell the scooter in three colors: pink, blue, and black. In addition to this, Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of Ola, hinted at a white scooter in a recent tweet.

We recently shared some spy photos of the scooter on our official Instagram account, so let’s get started. We were particularly interested in the spy photo of the 7-inch instrument cluster. If you examine the instrument panel closely, you can notice that it indicates 122 km of remaining range and 87% of the battery. Based on a basic computation, the Ola scooter’s range should be 140 kilometers when fully charged. These numbers are much beyond anything that any other market competitor is currently providing. If this range were also applied to the actual world, consumers would benefit much from it.

Aside from this, the business already touts the largest boot space and class-leading acceleration. Because of everything said above, the Ola scooter is currently a highly talked-about topic. In the first 24 hours alone, the company registered one lakh people. Ola is anticipated to offer its electric scooter for less than Rs 1 lakh. On the corporate website, the scooter is presently available for booking for Rs 499. If the company’s claims hold, the Ola scooter will directly compete with petrol-powered scooters and other electric scooters such as the petrol-powered Honda Activa and the electric Ather 450X.

“Ola Scooter’s review on YouTube”

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