Unleash the Potential: 5 Features That Make the Honda Activa 7G Scooter Stand Out

Honda Activa 7G Scooter: Similar to how Xerox has come to mean photocopy, in India Honda Activa 7G scooter has come to mean gearless scooters. When it comes to gearless scooters, India’s most popular option is the Honda Activa. The scooter has been around for a while; since its initial release in India, there have been six iterations of this model. We’ll talk about five requirements for the Honda Activa 7G in this article.

Updated Design

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The Honda Activa has always had a straightforward, attractive look, and it’s a highly useful scooter for daily use. It is anticipated that the Honda Activa 7G will similarly adopt a conservative design language. The position of the rider will be ideal for both long-distance and city riding. Similar to the Honda Activa 6G, the gasoline lid will be located externally to avoid requiring the rider to dismount from the scooter. 

Features of Honda Activa 7G Scooter

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One feature that is anticipated for the Honda Activa 7G is a fully computerized instrument console. While rival scooters provide a fully digital instrument console, the Activa 6G now has an analog instrument console that feels a little out of date. The seventh-generation Honda Activa will also be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

Hybrid Engine of Honda Activa 7G Scooter

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The only company producing scooters using hybrid engine technology is Yamaha. The hybrid technology available on the Yamaha Fascino 125 and Ray ZR 125 increases fuel efficiency with an idle start-stop function and a Smart Motor Generator system. We anticipate Honda to release the Activa 7G with a hybrid engine that is comparable. The 110cc engine powering the Honda Activa 6G currently generates 7.68bhp and 8.84Nm of torque.

Improved Storage Space

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With an 18-litre capacity, Activa’s under-seat storage is respectable. However, other scooters such as the Suzuki Access and Yamaha Fascino provide storage capacities of 21.8 and 21 litres, respectively. We anticipate Honda to enhance the Activa 7G’s under-seat storage capacity and expand it to 22 liters. Additionally, we hope that the scooter’s fuel capacity will increase as it gets larger.

Bigger tyres

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There are two tubeless tyres available for the Honda Activa 6G: a 12-inch tyre for the front and a 10-inch tyre for the back. We anticipate Honda will provide larger tyres for the Activa 7G. Having wider and larger tyres will enhance this scooter’s handling and riding experience.

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