Electrify the Streets: 2024 BMW Electric Scooter Launching Soon with Affordable Price in India

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The price of a BMW electric scooter in India: BMW is a luxury brand, and everyone talks about their cars. However, did you know that BMW manufactures motorcycles and scooters in addition to automobiles? The BMW CE02 Electric Scooter has been spotted around India, and some rumors indicate that it may soon be introduced to the country’s market. 

For the benefit of everyone, let us inform you that the cost of the BMW CE02 Electric Scooter is Rs. in India. This electric scooter is available in foreign markets for $7,599, or approximately Rs. 6 lakh 32 thousand in Indian Rupees. Due to TVS Company’s Indian manufacturing, the price of the electric scooter will be quite affordable. Let’s learn everything there is to know about the price of a BMW electric scooter in India.

BMW Electric Scooter Price In India

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular, and BMW plans to introduce the BMW CE02, a new model, in India. The CE02 BMW Electric Scooter has not yet been introduced in India if we are speaking about its price. On the other hand, this electric scooter can be purchased on the foreign market for $7,599, or around Rs 6 lakh 32 thousand in Indian currency. 

2024 BMW Electric Scooter CE02 Design 

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In terms of design, the 2024 BMW CE02 Electric Scooter has a futuristic appearance. Furthermore, this scooter doesn’t look like a bike or a scooter. The younger generation of today was specifically considered in the design of this electric scooter from BMW. This electric scooter has a low weight and small size.

2024 BMW Electric Scooter CE02 Battery 

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The debut date of the BMW CE02 has not been announced, however, it is expected to happen very soon in India. When discussing the BMW CE02 scooter’s battery, two 2KWH lithium-ion batteries are visible. Also, we would like to let you know that this battery is detachable. While it takes 85% of the time to charge from 20% to 80%, this battery can take up to 3 hours to reach full capacity. 

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Range 

There are two 2KWH Lithium Ion batteries in this BMW electric scooter, and you can choose to use one or both of them, depending on your preferences. Concerning the scooter’s range, an electric scooter with a single battery can travel 45 km, whereas an electric scooter with two batteries can travel 90 km. Regarding the maximum speed of this scooter, it can reach 45 km/h with a single battery and 95 km/h with two batteries. 

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Features 

We can observe numerous cutting-edge characteristics in the BMW CE02 electric scooter, which sets it apart. Regarding the features of this BMW electric scooter, we can see that it has a large display that allows you to view the battery percentage, speed, navigation, and many other aspects of the scooter. 

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Additionally, you can use this electric scooter to handle calls, music, and other functions by connecting your smartphone to it. Not only that, but this scooter also has the option of a reverse gear. Speaking of safety, this electric scooter has numerous features including traction control and an anti-lock braking System, or ABS. 

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Extra Features

This generation has been considered in the design of the BMW CE02 electric scooter. This is the reason this scooter has so many cutting-edge features. Due to the USB port on this electric scooter, you can conveniently charge your phone with it. In addition, the scooter features LED headlights and taillights. This electric scooter also has two settings that we get to see: flow mode and surf mode. 

BMW CE02 Electric Scooter Specs 

Scooter BMW CE02
TypeEV Scooter 
Design Futuristic (Design For Young Generation) 
Battery Capacity 2kWh
Range45km (Single Battery) &90 km (Dual Battery)
Top Speed 45km/h (Single Battery), 95km/h (dual battery)
Charging Time 3 Hours (For Full Charge) & 85 Minutes (For 20% To 80%)
Features Reverse Gear, USB Charging Port, Anti Lock Breaking System, Traction Control 
Riding ModesFlow Mode, Surf Mode, Flash Mode  
Connectivity Calls, Music, Navigation 

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